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Stakeholder involvement and support

Individuals and/or organisations with an interest or ‘stake’ in the outcome of the qualification must confirm the need at a national level for the qualification and participate in and endorse the qualification outcomes.

Alongside the applications for ‘approval to develop’ the qualifications all stakeholders will be required to complete an NZQF 2 form and current qualification owners will also be required to complete an NZQF 6 form.

NZQF 2: Involvement in pre- development stage Stakeholder attestation
Each key stakeholder involved in the pre-development stage and in confirming the need of a new qualification is required to attest to their support for the development of the proposed qualification.

NZQF 6 – Qualification Review Outcome: Changing the status of current qualifications
The purpose of attestation NZQF 6 is to confirm that each organisation with a qualification(s) confirms their acceptance of the new suite of qualifications arising from the review and advises NZQA of any resultant change in status to their current qualifications on the NZQF with an indicative date on which it will take effect.

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