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UFC – Building a global sport, brand and business

UFC – Building a global sport, brand and business

Flames Central
219 8th Avenue SW
April 25, 2012
11:30 am 
 1:30 pm

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the leading promoter of the world’s fastest growing sport, mixed martial arts. Over the past 11 years, the UFC has gone from a niche entertainment spectacle to become one of the most lucrative and innovative sports leagues in the world, with sold out events throughout the world and program broadcasts in more than 150 countries and 22 different languages. 

Join us for a conversation with Tom Wright, the UFC’s director of Canadian operations, for the inside story on how this billion-dollar sport and brand has been built, and where it plans to go in the future.

A pair of tickets to UFC 149 – which will be held in Calgary at the Scotiabank Saddledome on July 21 – will be raffled off during lunch.

Internal office communications: Optimizing performance in the modern workplace

Hill + Knowlton Canada

Calgary Chamber – ENMAX Ballroom
100 6th Avenue SW
April 23, 2012
8:00 am 
 9:30 am

Join us for the inaugural event in the Calgary Chamber’s member expert series. Targeted at mid-sized businesses, these sessions tap into the expert knowledge of our membership with representatives from member companies leading a breakfast or lunch session, along with a hands-on workshop, to share their insights and knowledge with participants.

This session, lead by Hill + Knowlton Canada, will explore how businesses can better equip themselves to deal with such workplace changes as the multigenerational office, as well as the latest social media trends.

Some of the areas that will be touched on include:

  • Communications preferences of the four generations in today’s workplace
  • Best practices in using digital communications and social media to strengthen employee engagement and loyalty
  • Internal stakeholder expectations for employers in today’s global & digital age

Register now for this great learning opportunity.

Election forum reveals what each political party will do for business

Election forum reveals what each political party will do for business

Representatives from each of the political parties dropped by the Calgary Chamber yesterday to explain what they’ll do to address the concerns of Calgary’s business community if they are elected on April 23.

Presented in partnership with the Calgary Herald, this business issues forum heard from candidates Ric McIver, with the Progressive Conservative Party, Richard Jones, with the Wildrose Party, and Kent Hehr, with the Liberal Party. The parties touched on everything from what they’ll do to help small businesses in Alberta and how they’ll tackle the province’s labour shortage to their vision of energy development and environmental performance for the oil and gas industry.  

View a video recap of yesterday’s forum or visit GreatAlberta.ca for an analysis of all of the political party’s platforms.

2012 AGM / Open House

2012 AGM / Open House

Calgary Chamber – ENMAX Ballroom
100 6th Avenue SW
April 30, 2012
AGM: 2:30 pm 
 3:30 pm (members only)
Open House: 3:30 pm 
– 5:30 pm (members / guests)

Over the past twelve months the Calgary Chamber has been working with our members and colleagues to understand how we can better serve our members' needs. We know that we must deliver value and meaning to our members and realize that nowadays, no memberships are automatic and that no discretionary expenditures are made lightly. For these reasons, your continued support through your membership investment is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Join us on Monday, April 30 for our AGM and 2012 open house as we begin the important shift in our organization to deliver better services and programs to support your business success.

Fast-tracking the immigration of skilled tradespeople

Fast-tracking the immigration of skilled tradespeople

As the Canadian economy surges ahead, business leaders welcome the recently announced  plans by the federal government to reform the immigration system in order to ease country-wide labour shortages.

Speaking at a Calgary Chamber event last week, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said that the federal government would be embarking on transformative change of the immigration system. Among these changes, Kenney pointed to a new program that would fast-track the entry of skilled immigrant tradespeople into Canada. “Our country faces a critical shortage in certain skilled trades,” he said. “That’s why we’re taking concrete steps to address this problem at a national level.”


The business of feeding a growing world

The business of feeding a growing world

Fairmont Palliser – Alberta Ballroom
133 9 Avenue SW
May 2, 2012
11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Food security is becoming an increasingly important topic in today’s growing world. A major factor in meeting the escalating demand for food is through the ramped up usage of fertilizer.

Join us as Bill Doyle, CEO of Potash Corp., the world’s largest fertilizer company, talks about his company’s essential role in helping the world grow more food, and its plans for growing value – within the company and the communities it operates.

Election website outlines a way to solve Alberta’s labour shortage

With only one week until the provincial election, the Calgary Chamber has released a policy position calling for the next government of Alberta to work with provincial regulatory bodies to streamline the licensing processes that recognize the work experience and credentials of new immigrants.

New immigrants to Canada are well educated but their unemployment rate is twice that of Canadian-born workers. Surveys of new immigrants have shown frustration with recognition of foreign education and work experience by employers. With Alberta expecting a shortfall of 114,000 workers by 2019, it’s important to remove the barriers preventing businesses from employing new immigrants as a way to address the province’s labour shortage.

This policy position is part of the Great Alberta initiative, which is a series of policy ideas created through consultation with the Calgary business community that the Calgary Chamber would like to see the next government of Alberta adopt to make our province a better place to do business.

Visit GreatAlberta.ca to learn more