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Andy here with my infrequent, simple newsletter to let you know what we're up to over at Lucky Paper.

Our Cube survey for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is out! Get your responses in this week to make sure they influence our forthcoming prospective article.

I also wanted to mention that we've received a lot of positive feedback on the latest episode of Lucky Paper Radio. Anthony and I never really know which of these are going to resonate with people, but we're glad to see this one has. Maybe check it out if you've been on the fence about trying the podcast.

We've also updated the Cube Map in a big way — you can low look up cards! Just hit that gear icon and toggle to "search cards". We're not thrilled with the UI itself and will probably improve it in the future, but it's super cool to see the map light up in different ways when you look up your favorite cards.

May your openers all be keeps!


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