University of Pittsburgh COVID-19 Dashboard Update

Dear Pitt Community,

As of Monday, Feb. 22, the Pitt COVID-19 dashboard reflects the following:

Pittsburgh Campus


» 12 students have tested positive.

» 26 students are in isolation.

» 3 new faculty or staff cases have been reported.

Regional Campuses


» 2 new students have tested positive at Pitt-Johnstown.

» No faculty or staff cases have been reported.

The scope of our dashboard and these updates is limited to people who have been on a Pitt campus within the last 14 days.

The Greensburg campus has moved to the Guarded Risk posture, effective Monday, Feb. 22. The Bradford, Johnstown, Pittsburgh and Titusville campuses are currently in the Elevated Risk posture.

Unpacking the data

The Pittsburgh campus stopped sheltering in place one week ago today, and numbers of new cases as well as isolation housing capacity are holding steady. On the regional campuses, case numbers remain very low. We are prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any future spike in cases with contact tracing and testing of close contacts on all campuses.

Dining together safely indoors

Dining together is a good way to engage with your friends, family and co-workers and safe social engagement can happen even while activities are restricted. Whether you are dining with others on or off campus, please remember to practice safe behavior. When eating with others it’s safest to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance and have a face covering on while talking.

The University offers in-person dining on campus in the Elevated and Guarded Risk Postures, as provided in the Food Services Standards and Guidelines. Pitt has put in place protocols that allow for us to dine indoors with minimal risk on our campuses and retail dining locations when in these operational postures. Compliance with these rules will minimize the risk associated with eating indoors. The University continues to work to ensure that the on-campus, in-person dining experience remains as safe as possible. Read about these measures and other the frequently asked questions for on-campus dining.

We encourage you to avoid eating with others in common spaces like breakrooms, conference rooms or lounges, unless you are able to maintain at least 6 feet of distance. Even then, only remove your face covering when consuming food or beverage in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines.

Vaccine reminder

We do not know when Pitt will be supplied with vaccines from the state, but stand ready to administer shots to the University community efficiently and equitably as soon as supply allows. Please be aware that this will take time. Pitt has infrastructure in place to help guide the process.

Please complete the Pitt Vaccine Survey if you have not already done so—regardless of your vaccination status or preferences. It is especially important for you to complete if you are patient-facing or have a medical condition that meets CDC criteria to be prioritized for a vaccine. The data is confidential and will not be shared broadly. Learn more in the FAQs.

Please continue to wear a face covering (it should fit your face snugly), wash your hands, avoid crowds, minimize new contacts and keep your distance from others. Thanks as always for your continued efforts to keep the community safe.


COVID-19 Medical Response Office