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Round 26 Large Grants Announced

The Tasmanian Community Fund Board received 43 large applications in Grant Round 26.  Six applicants were asked to provide a project/business plan and to provide a presentation to the Tasmanian Community Fund Board on their project.  The Tasmanian Community Fund has awarded four large grants in Grant Round 26. 

  • New Morning Ministries Inc received $289 250 for their ENGAGE in Better Mental Health Phase 3 – Building Capacity and Sustainability project;
  • the Bridgewater PCYC received $106 500 for their Live Life project;
  • the Launceston City Mission received $123 000 for their E Waste Facility project; and,
  • the Menzies Research Institute received $150 000 for their Benefit of Heart Failure Surveillance in Rural Communities project.

The Board will meet in late May to discuss the small and medium applications.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by mid-June.

Launceston Pony and Riding Club

The Tasmanian Community Fund provided the Launceston Pony and Riding Club with a grant for a little over $3 000 in Grant Round 23.

The Launceston Pony and Riding Club have been teaching young people riding skills, respect for animals and knowledge of the equestrian sport for over 40 years.  The Club, through accredited instructors, provides horse riding skills along with a range of practical skills including animal well-being, winter and summer feeding regimes, worming, hoof care and equipment knowledge.

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Mt Lyell Mine Heritage Centre

The Tasmanian Community Fund provided the National Trust with a grant for $78 670 in Grant Round 22 to interpret and conserve the Mt Lyell Mine Managers Office.

Since 1960 the Tasmanian National Trust has worked with the community to protect and care for Tasmania’s rich built and cultural heritage.  The Trust is responsible for managing and maintaining some of Tasmania’s most significant built assets one of which is the Mt Lyell Mine Manager’s Office which was donated to the National Trust in 1996.

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Acquittals and Audits

Every Tasmanian Community Fund project must be acquitted or audited.  Most grants under $50 000 are acquitted by Tasmanian Community Fund staff.  Whilst most grants over $50 000 are independently audited by an auditor appointed by the Tasmanian Community Fund.  The Tasmanian Community Fund pays for the independent audit and provides the proponent with a copy of the auditors statement.  For a project to be successfully audited or acquitted and Tasmanian Community Fund must receive a copy of the evidence of expenditure for all payments associated with the project (invoices, receipts, timesheets, contracts, etc).

Any unexpended grant monies must be returned to the Tasmanian Community Fund, unless the unexpended amount is less than $100.  If expenditure has not taken place in accordance with the Grant Deed the Tasmanian Community Fund may request the return of grant monies.