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CELEBRATING 25 YEARSSpring is definitely in the air - something we appreciated when some of the Smith and Partners team, and members of Future Leaders of West Auckland descended on Tamariki Reserve to remove weeds that were strangling the native bush.

This fun event, Waitakere Festival on the Road, was one of the weeding and planting days organised by the Waitakere Festival in conjunction with Sustainable Neighbourhoods. Smith and Partners' support of this event is an extension of our on-going financial sponsorship of the annual Waitakere Festival.

Back in the office, we recently welcomed three new staff members. Solicitor, Johann Rocha will be working on all aspects of property law and estate planning. Charlotte Hendriks has started with us part time as Database Assistant, and Dale Rasmussen is assisting each of the partners with a comprehensive family trust review in his role as Legal Assistant.

We’ll be at Henderson Park the Sunday of Labour weekend for the Waitakere Festival, a celebration of West Auckland – the place and the people. Come along to enjoy the live music, eat the best of West Auckland’s food and experience the marketplace. Waitakere Festival is a free family event and we’d love to see you there!


Peter, Greg, Wade & Ruth
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