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CE-CEB - Automatic Case Erector and Bottom Sealer
New Design Update: CE-CEB - Automatic Case Erector and Bottom Sealer
AFA Systems has updated the design of its CE-CEB. The newly designed CE-CEB features an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC with PanelView Plus 400 HMI. The CE-CEB can run a wide range of case sizes and can reach speeds of up to 15 cases per minute. Quick change over features such as scales and pointers are standard. Tape or glue models are available. View here.
Product Feature: HD-CMA - Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner
The HD-CMA is a heavy duty, high-speed and efficient servo driven cartoner. The HD-CMA was designed to handle liquor bottles placed into bags at 180 ppm. Specially designed autoload buckets allowed the HD-CMA to handle the bag's strings with zero catch points. A servo driven rotary feeder with vacuum pre-break allowed for efficient and positive carton feeding at high-speeds. View here.
AFA Tech Tips: Change Over Guide on the MK-SML - Servo Manual Load Cartoner
Check out the step-by-step guide on how to change over the MK-SML. This guide will give your team more knowledge on the level of detail required to change over a manual load cartoner. Please note that cartoner change overs do vary depending on the type of application. Click here for to view the change over guide.