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Scripture in Focus

Upcoming passages at One Place:

February 23: Acts 13-14 (Susan Zork)

March 2: Acts 15-16 (Victor Marley)

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ArtSense: An Arts Café

The One Place Artists' Guild invites you to an evening of experiencing art with all your senses! On March 3, Chan Shun Hall Lobby & Whirlpool Room will host a hands-on art activities from 6:00-9:00pm. This all age event will include live music, creative refreshments, and art on display! All for fun and all for free!

If you are interested in displaying artwork, please contact Becky Turk.

Tithe and Offerings Report

Last week our offering totaled $270.00

For those who give offering and tithe through One Place, please utilize our new offering altars that can be found in the foyer and on the table outside of the upstairs entrance/exit.

As a reminder, checks can be made out to Andrews University, One Place or Pioneer Memorial Church and then placed in an envelope and marked for One Place on the envelope.

If you would like to give an offering to One Place using a credit/bank card, please visit our online offering website. To donate to a specific ministry, contact Japhet.

Be sure to check out the One Place Facebook page to view the "offering" video shown at church a few weeks ago (you silly geese)

Thank you for your continued financial support.

Advisory Meeting

If you would like to be more involved in the One Place programming or want to see how One Place makes decisions week to week, you are warmly welcomed to join the weekly Advisory Board meeting.

Meetings are open for all to attend and meet at 6:30pm every Tuesday in the Campus Ministries office.

To view minutes from previous meetings, visit the One Place Facebook page.

Missing Bible

Chris Blake lost his Bible he's had for 35 years, on Tuesday afternoon at The One Project. It's a large Harper Study Bible in a leather case.

If you attended the One Project and may have brought home an extra bible, we want to make sure it returns to Chris safely. Please contact Japhet De Oliveira or drop it by the Andrews University Campus Ministries Office so that we can return it to him.

Part-time employment opportunity

Student Chaplain- Field Preparation & Pre-work Coordinator (Paid Position)

Campus Ministries is interested in all those who have a passion for "guerilla warfare for the Kingdom."

Qualifications: Some experience in giving Bible Studies, door-to-door ministry, prayer walking, community relations, etc.

If you are interested in working in the inner-city as an ambassador for Christ, contact Chaplain Timothy P. Nixon at Campus Ministries at (269) 471-3211 [or 3212].

Graphic Artist @ One Place

One Place is looking for individuals gifted in graphic design and branding. If you have experience in this area and would like to donate your talents to your One Place family please email our One Place executive producer, Kyle Dever.