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iF day 4 – Mogens Smed, Lori Stewart, Michael Sikorsky & Darlene Fedyna

iF day 4 – Mogens Smed, Lori Stewart, Michael Sikorsky & Darlene Fedyna

Monday October 29, 2012
2:30 pm 
 5:30 pm
Gerry Thomas Gallery
Suite 100, 602 11th Avenue SW


Where else can you find…

  • The maker of Spy vs. Spy, one of the bestselling mobile games of all time and a man that CNN Money has labelled a “CEO to watch?”
  • The man that Alberta Venture magazine has called “one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Century?”
  • The female head of a Calgary tech start-up which earlier this year won the title “the most innovative start-up on the planet” at the renowned Global Technology Symposium in Silicon Valley?

The answer to these questions is the iF series. This ground breaking speaker series brings together business savvy Calgarians whose own career success began by wondering “what if….” What if the old way of doing things isn’t the best way? What if there is a better way? And with that simple what if… question they went on to pursue an unconventional idea that lead to incredible things.

Hear their stories, learn their secrets and be inspired to pursue your own “what if…” idea.

Mayor Nenshi’s City Status Report

Mayor Nenshi's City Status Report

Tuesday October 30, 2012
11:30 am 
– 1:15 pm
The Calgary Petroleum Club

Devonian Room
319 5th Avenue SW

It’s been 24 months since this City Council was elected to serve Calgarians and steward a growing Calgary. As he enters the last year of this Council’s term, Mayor Naheed Nenshi is asking: how have we made Calgary better?

With its fiscal plan for the city, council set out a path to make Calgary a great place in which to make a living and a life. Nenshi will share where we are along that path and where that path leads next  addressing some of the most important issues affecting the better Calgary of tomorrow. 

Join the mayor as he discusses the future of Calgary.

Calgary Chamber starts work in new headquarters

Calgary Chamber starts work in new headquarters

A new chapter began this week for the Calgary Chamber.

We completed our move out of the building we called home for 32 years, and started work out of our new office across from City Hall at 237 8th Avenue SE.

Read more about our move and our new office space.

Calgary to lead Canada in economic growth in 2013

Calgary to lead Canada in economic growth in 2013

Calgary’s economy is expected to be the envy of Canada in 2013, as strong provincial activity will drive growth in employment, construction activity and retail sales. However, the possibility still exists for global forces to have a cooling effect on the local economy. 

“The risks of a global downturn are now higher than they’ve been since 2008,” said Ben Brunnen, chief economist of the Calgary Chamber. “In this heightened risk environment, economic fortunes may change on a monthly basis and successful businesses will be those that maximize resiliency.”

Read the Economic Outlook for 2013 to learn more about the upcoming economic environment your business will be operating in.

Teetering on the brink of prosperity: Economic Outlook 2013

Thursday November 8, 2012
8:30 am 
– 10:00 am
Room 3-
300 Manning Road NE

While Alberta is poised to close out 2012 with strong economic performance, global economic struggles will likely create a “downdraft” that will cool the province’s economy in the year ahead. For 2013, there will likely be a decrease in oil demand as well as prices, leading to a pullback in provincial energy sector development and, as a result, slower economic growth.

Join us as Ben Brunnen, the Calgary Chamber’s chief economist, provides an overview of the state of the economy in 2013, and explains what these developments mean for your business.

Learn more about the major economic developments in 2013.

The new age of networking: Using telecom developments to enable great customer service

The new age of networking: Using telecom developments to enable great customer service

Tuesday November 20, 2012
11:30 am 
– 1:15 pm
Metropolitan Conference Centre
333 4th Avenue SW

Recent investment and innovation in telecommunication networking has created a global infrastructure – a powerful business platform that changes how every company competes. This global platform opens up new opportunities for helping your business innovate for success, especially in an increasingly vital area of differentiation: customer service.

Join us as Dean Prevost, president of Allstream, examines these global developments and explains what they mean for companies in Calgary in sectors such as energy, finance and high tech.

Find out how your business can take advantage of these exciting advancements.

Calgary Chamber celebrates winners of Small Business Week Awards

Calgary Chamber celebrates winners of Small Business Week Awards

Last week, the Calgary Chamber announced the winners for the 2012 Small Business Week Calgary awards.

These winners were selected from a shortlist of 14 businesses in five different categories. For the first time ever the award winners were determined by an online public vote, which more than 2,400 people participated in.

“The groundswell of activity from Calgarians who voted for their favourite business was awesome,” said Adam Legge, Calgary Chamber president and CEO. “The Small Business Week Awards was a great event that celebrated those entrepreneurs and business owners that dream big and are always looking at ways to grow their business.”  

Learn more about the innovative companies that took home gold at this year’s awards presentation.

Aboriginal Awareness Training – What your business needs to know

Aboriginal Awareness Training – What your business needs to know

Thursday November 1, 2012
8:00 am – 3:30 pm
110 12th Avenue SW

Understanding the Aboriginal community is critical to your organization’s success. It can help you avoid project delays by learning how to consult and accommodate Aboriginal communities, as well as develop a reputation for corporate social responsibility, foster workplace diversity and tap into new economic opportunities.

To provide businesses with this knowledge the Calgary Chamber and Cross Cultural Consulting are joining forces to present a one-day Aboriginal cultural sensitivity course with Neil McDonald, Canada’s most experienced diversity trainer. During this 30-year career, McDonald has trained tens of thousands public, private and volunteer sector personnel on cultural awareness.

Only 25 spots are available. Hurry up and get your ticket today.

Connect for lunch – speed networking

Connect for lunch – speed networking

Wednesday November 14, 2012
12:00 pm 
 1:00 pm
DeVry Institute of Technology
Room 201
2700 3rd Avenue SE

For networking to be effective, you need to meet the right type of people who will grow and connect your business.

That’s where Connect for Lunch comes in. The format for this event is speed networking. Attendees will get the opportunity to quickly network with each other for two minutes before moving on to the next potential client or customer.

Join us for business networking at its best!

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