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10 key business priorities to watch in the 2015 federal election

10 business priorities to watch in the 2015 federal election

As the longest election in recent Canadian history ramps up, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce is closely following issues that are vital to the growth and success of Calgary’s business community.

With a plummeting loonie, unstable commodity prices, and slowed global growth, whichever party forms Government this coming fall must grapple with an uncertain economic climate.

Therefore, the needs of the business community must be front and centre on the campaign trail, and be of the highest priority for the new Parliament.

Take a look at the important business issues your Calgary Chamber has identified and will be following in the lead-up to the October 19th election.


Building a venture capital ecosystem

Jump-starting small business investment and growth

Building a venture capital ecosystem

The lack of early-stage capital investment is an anchor dragging down the growth and sustainability of Alberta’s small businesses.

Often lacking the resources and administrative capacity to raise capital via debt financing, these businesses rely heavily on equity investments made by angel investors and venture capital firms. The province needs to help develop and support a vibrant venture-capital ecosystem which encourages private sector agents to purchase equity in local—capital starved—enterprises.

What should we do about it?

Learn about the policies that can encourage the flow of capital back into the province’s small businesses.


Why a Citizens Commission?

An innovative approach to tackle Calgary's infrastructure deficit

Why a Citizens Commission?

In Calgary and across the country our infrastructure is failing us. Our current methods of funding infrastructure are dated and inadequate. 

Property tax revenue and intergovernmental transfers and grants, the primary tools our city uses to fund infrastructure, are unpredictable and ill-suited to address these critical needs, yet we’ve grown reliant on them.

That is why the Calgary Chamber has created a first-of-its-kind Citizens Commission on Municipal Infrastructure to provide solutions to this issue. Through the Citizens Commission, the Calgary Chamber hopes to source a solution that is favourable for all Calgarians.   

Learn more about this conduit for public conversation.

Let's Talk Royalties

Government of Alberta says "Let's Talk Royalties"

As you may know, Dave Mowat, CEO of ATB Financial has taken on the role of chairing Alberta's royalty review. He recently announced the panel members and provided additional detail on the framework for the ongoing review. 

Over the next two months, the panel will be asking a series of questions and providing updates to Albertans on what they are hearing. They will all be questions every Albertan can answer. They are eager to have as many Albertans as possible be a part of the whole process - so please consider going to the site early to be a part of every stage of the conversation.

As the representative organization for business in Calgary, the Calgary Chamber will be taking advantage of every opportunity to communicate frankly with the government on the importance of getting this review right, not only for the success and competitiveness of the energy sector, but for the long-term sustainability of Alberta’s broader economy as well.

A strong turnout of Albertans to voice their thoughts will be good for this process.

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