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Dear Patriot,

The black standard flag of al-Qaeda is now flying high over Fallujah and Ramadi, Iraq and President Obama looks on helplessly. Heroic Americans who fought and were wounded on the land underneath the high-flying al-Qaeda flags are asking what they fought for and what their battle buddies died for.

And by his actions, President Obama says they fought and died for nothing.

Extremist, sadistic, and cutthroat terrorists regained control of Fallujah and Ramadi and you had better believe that they will do something. They will kill, maim, torture, terrorize, and brutalize the citizens of those cities because that’s what terrorists do.

Al-Qaeda has President Obama pegged as a soft, naïve, head-in-the-clouds liberal. Our enemies don’t respect us and our allies don’t trust us. In President Obama, they see a softheaded starry-eyed liberal who too often sees his own military as the enemy.

President Obama isn’t just clueless, he’s gutless and spineless, too. And he’s dangerous.

We need battle-hardened warriors in Congress who have seen the evil in the enemies’ eyes and know what to do. Special Operations for America is leading the charge for conservative change by sending brave veterans to the House and the Senate. We are on a mission to bring steel and strength to Washington where it is in short supply.

Go to bat for Special Operations for America. Make your secure online contribution to our cause and be as generous as you can be.

Your Special Operations for America contribution of $22, $33, $44, $55, or some other amount will get the word out so that everyone knows what every veteran knows already:

That President Obama is hopelessly naïve and dangerously weak.

He’s a cut-and-run liberal’s liberal who dishonors the sacrifice of every warrior who fought in Fallujah and Ramadi. You know I’m right, so take action now. You love your country. Do this for America and the heroes who gave their all in Iraq.

Gary Stubblefield
Chairman Special Operations for America
20 years in the U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer of SEAL Team THREE

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