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UK trailblazer Nuttall to offer insights into bringing employee ownership into the mainstream

Graeme Nuttall begins his review of employee ownership for the UK government quite simply. "Employee ownership is a great idea."

Nuttall can offer Australian and New Zealand businesses many insightful analyses and commentary on the challenges being faced by in the take-up and education of employee ownership.

"A good number see employee ownership as complex," considers Nuttall. "It need not be. The company can be much like any other company. What is different is how it is owned. It is really easy to create a new company with employee ownership". He says the concept "needs to be as familiar as franchising or a management buyout."

Equally interesting is this view is shared by the UK government. "My goal is to shift employee ownership into the mainstream of corporate Britain," said Norman Lamb, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs on the release of the ground-breaking Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership. "That is why I asked Graeme Nuttall, one of the foremost experts on employee ownership, to undertake an independent review into employee ownership."
Nuttall will deliver the keynote speech at Employee Ownership Australia’s 2013 Conference on Friday, 25  May 2013.
Attendance at the 2013 conference is a must for anyone working in the area of employee share ownership or in small to medium size enterprises, or anyone in your organisation with an interest in engaging staff. Register online to attend the EOA conference

BHP Billiton wins 2012 award for Overseas Share Plan

In 2012 BHP Billiton was awarded EOA’s inaugural prize for Best International Share Plan. Its participation rates were 'remarkable' according to judges considering that it operates in 27 countries. The  company shows a real commitment to engaging with employees by using different stock exchanges.

Nominate a company for any of the six ESOP award categories today.

The Award winners will be announced at the official conference dinner following the conference on Friday, 25  May 2013.

Welcome to Karen Quinsey and Sally Mulligan

Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand is really very happy to welcome Karen Quinsey and Sally Mulligan to the Employee Ownership Australia Board, a move which will give deep industry experience to them, and greatly benefit EOA. Karen will be speaking at the 2013 EOA Conference. Meet Karen and Sally

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