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This newsletter focuses on cash-flow modeling know-how, news from DataPartner and upcoming events such as workshops and conferences.

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DataPartner is a leading provider of software products for capital budgeting:

With Invest for Excel® you can create, analyse and evaluate profitability of your investment, business plan or any other project in a fast and reliable way!

It is a web-based system for investments portfolio management that makes it easy for many users to collaborate on investment projects and provides administration order.

This month DataPartner celebrates 25th anniversary of its foundation!

Yes, it is a big anniversary. We have gained 25 years of experience in consulting and designing software solutions for capital budgeting and valuation. First of all, we would like to express big ‘’thank you’’ to all our Customers! What are our plans for the future?...

Read more and discover our company story!

Customer Story of Stora Enso! How to streamline investments planning in pulp and paper?

If you are curious how one of the biggest pulp and paper companies in the world manage their investments plans, this Customer Story is for you! Stora Enso uses our Invest for Excel® software and takes the whole benefit of it!

Read how Stora Enso evaluates their investments.

Just for you - Practical Hints for investments analysis!

In the Practical Hints section we will present some useful hints that will help you create a smart investment analysis. The topic for today is: How to compare profitability of investments with different economic life? Let’s have a closer look at the monthly annuity indicator.

Read more about the monthly annuity indicator and how to use it.

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13.03 PERTH, Australia - Cash flow modelling for investment calculation

13.03 DRESDEN, Germany - Cash Flow-basierte Modelle zur Investitionsrechnung

16.03 KATOWICE, Poland - Modele inwestycyjne z Invest for Excel®

29.03 PORVOO, Finland - Investointien kassavirtamallinnus

30.03 PORVOO, Finland - Investointilaskennan jatkokurssi

10.04 ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Cash flow modelling for investment calculation

17.04 STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Investeringsbedömning: Best Practice.

18.04 STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Fördjupad kurs i investeringsbedömning

20.04 BERN, Switzerland - Cash Flow-basierte Modelle zur Investitionsrechnung

23.04 HOFHEIM AM TAUNUS, Germany - Cash Flow-basierte Modelle zur Investitionsrechnung

View the whole workshop calendar.

Latest news: Already 100 Electric Utilities use Invest for Excel® software

How the new industry standard was born? The positive word of mouth of good experiences with Invest for Excel® has spread from one company to another and now 100 Electric Utilities rely on our software!

Read more how Electric Utilities use Invest for Excel® software.

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