Expressive Style and Coaching

This month we continue exploring the Social Style model and how your behavior can have a tangible impact on the people you are coaching.

Remember, no matter what your Style, by understanding how others see your behavior, you will be able to control your Style preferences and create effective communication that will achieve your desired outcomes.

Expressive Style

People with an Expressive Style typically focus their attentions on the future with intuitive visions and outspoken spontaneity. Their slogan might be             ‘I have an idea!’

If you have an Expressive Style, the people you coach see you as willing to make your inner feelings known to them. You openly show positive and negative feelings rather than controlling or concealing your emotions. You usually don’t hesitate to show your enthusiasm and appreciation of others, but if delivering tough feedback during a coaching conversation, you might come across as aggressive or overly dramatic. Because you are talkative, some people you coach might find it difficult to join in the conversation.


Expressive Style people will need to make sure that they don’t overwhelm the people they are coaching; this can happen if you are too talkative or opinionated. Give the people you are coaching time to speak and the opportunity to share their points of view. Be open to others and understand that they may have information about specific topics that you might not necessarily have.

Check your behaviour by slowing down and allowing the people you coach plenty of opportunity to state their viewpoints. Avoid the phrases ‘you should’ and ‘I think’. Instead, say ‘you might’ or ‘you could’.

When having a one on one discussion, you might want to lower your tone of voice, as some people can be overwhelmed by loud talkers. You may also need to ask questions with some people in order for them to feel comfortable with sharing their goals and aspirations

Next month we will discover opportunities for Amiable Style Coaches.

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