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The last month of the year is a time where love, warmth and celebration come heavily into play and our work/life balance is polarized, if but for an instant.

We get some leisure time and the exciting possibility of Time asking us how much we need, rather than always asking for more time.

At TIFEM, we rarely get a lot of time to stop and ponder but when we do, we are always grateful that we continue to meet and share music with folks young and old within the community and from countries all around the world.

Happy Winter Holidays to all!

Give the Gift of Music

There are special people in everyone’s life, and special people deserve special things like the Gift of Music.

For the Special people, we offer gift cards and many different packages of music lessons for all instruments.

Private music lessons are a big part of what we do here at TIFEM.

No matter what the instrument, as classic as the guitar or as obscure as the French Horn, each lesson is tailored to fit your personal musical goals.

We offer education in many different styles of music, to students with many diverse styles of learning, where the emphasis is always on the Enjoyment of music.

Whether you envision yourself as the studious, contemplative musician or as the next world dominating superstar, TIFEM can provide you with inspiration and the joy that comes with loving the music you create.

TIFEM Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons:

  • Single Half Hour Lesson: $38
  • Set of 4 Half Hour Lessons: $150
  • Set of 8 Half Hour Lessons: $280
  • Set of 16 Half Hour Lessons: $540

Private Group Lessons:

  • Single Half Hour Lesson: $25/person
  • Set of 4 Half Hour Lessons: $96/person
  • Set of 8 Half Hour Lessons: $184/person
  • Set of 16 half hour lessons: $352/person

Group Drop-In Classes:
Ukulele, Guitar, Choir, Adult String Ensemble, Music Theory, Youth Band.

  • Single Drop-In Class: $15/person
  • Set of 4 Drop-In Classes: $56/person
  • Set of 8 Drop-In Classes: $104/person
  • Set of 16 Drop-In Classes: $192/person

TIFEM Kids Classes:

  • Single Drop-In Class: $20/child
  • Set of 4 Drop-In Classes: $72/child
  • Set of 8 Drop-In Classes: $136/child
  • Set of 16 Drop-In Classes: $240/child

TIFEM Gift Certificates

TIFEM Gift Certificates are also available for Musical Instruments and Accessories such as:

TIFEM has some beautiful ukuleles for the troubador in your life, ranging in price from hand crafted, solid models to starter ukes and durable kids ukes, for your child’s very first instrument.

Percussion Instruments: 
Percussion instruments come in all shapes and sizes. We have some impressive hand crafted djembe drums for the hand drum aficionado, artistically styled and carved and packed with a boom.

Musical Accessories:
Many things can enhance the music experience and expedite the musical journey.

A good set of strings can give you that sound you’ve always wanted to hear. A metronome can provide stability and help to set goals for speed and rhythmic accuracy.

In addition to these, TIFEM carries many varieties of tuners, novelty guitar picks and thoughtful ways to share the Gift of Music.


TIFEM: "Happy birthday to me!"

Happy birthday TIFEM

In conjunction with the celebratory feelings that December and this time of year bring, The Toronto Institute For the Enjoyment of Music turns four years young on December 12, 2013, yet another reason to raise high the glasses.

TIFEM was born from an idea; to bring a positive and life enhancing experience to music and music education, for all ages and levels of experience.

Raised by the loving care of a dedicated and creative team, and nurtured by the community-  friends and families who have a place to hang out, have a cup of tea, get inspired and work at their craft.

Since the Enjoyment began, we have had quite a diverse selection of students. Coming not just from Queen West, or Toronto, Music is being Enjoyed by the likes of folks from Sweden, Ireland, even as far as Australia.

Gathering together is mainly what music was intended for. We have noticed a huge growth in our group classes lately and we’re very pleased that the group classes have become a way for people to drop-in and check out the Environment on their way to achieving their musical goals.

Seeing students achieve their musical goals is a dream come true for us. We have seen students’ first gigs, passed university and arts high school acceptance auditions, first recording projects, and of course, very first instruments.

The growing population and new addition of our TIFEM Kids class is a signal that we are sharing the gift of music with another generation of imaginative thinkers and industrious human beings. And they’re all so cute! Frequently, TIFEM Kids graduate smoothly through the program into our Private Lessons.

The TIFEM Faculty are a bunch of bright, and talented musicians with a diverse set of specialties and disciplines. We have witnessed their wonderful talents both inside and outside the halls of 821 Queen. At TIFEM it’s always been a top priority to develop a friendly and creatively sound environment, and of course, that begins with the staff, and their passion not only for music, but for people.

It’s not only the lessons that make the experience at TIFEM so memorable.

Our lucky eyes and ears have seen numerous great performers play in the TIFEM Environment. Remember when there was a small city gathered outside the school for Dan Mangan’s epic performance? The place was so packed and the windows were as foggy as London.

Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas, Jazz hero Mats Gustafsson, and IRL guitar hero Gord Grdina have all played in the Environment, showing us, up close, the result of hard work, love and determination.

A number of the performers who have visited us have also offered educational workshops to compliment their performances. In some cases, there’s no better way to engage an artist and become familiar with the artistic process than at workshops much like the ones we offer. We have been fortunate to host workshops on everything from Jazz improvisation to composition for film and television, and of course many different workshops involving musical software and various forms of music related technology.

It’s not just the well known performers that deserve a chance to have their musical say. For the adults, TIFEM holds a monthly Open Mic series that continues to pack the house and showcase everything from experimental noise to singer songwriters. We’d like to think and we’ve been told that we provide that next step; a low pressure, supportive place to share music, and for creative people to gather and meet each other.

For the younger maestro, TIFEM organizes seasonal recitals, (Upcoming: Dec 14/Dec 15) and over the past four years so many youngsters have had the memory of performing for their first time, and made it a positive one. Some outgoing kids have also come together in the forms of rock n’ roll outfit Lucky Penny and the TIFEM Youth Band.

Many new things are in the works for TIFEM, including the development of our online Digital Library, our music publishing division, and our TIFEM Music For All Occasions. Look for developments in the New Year.

The skeletal, construction era TIFEM would definitely be proud of where the four year old TIFEM was at and where it is going.

Over the years (we can actually begin to say that now with some accuracy), we have seen amazing things happen.

The community at large, the musicians and the great students that continue to study with us year after year are a testament to the fact that we are achieving our goals, meaning that people are in fact, Enjoying Music.

Thanks again to everyone taking part in the Enjoyment. We are grateful to continue filling the community with joy through music and friendship. Here’s to many, many more years!

Upcoming TIFEM Faculty Shows

We know it’s important to have an active and creative musical faculty in order to constantly generate new ideas and approaches to musical education.

In order to foster this idea we make it a practice to check out some shows put on by our own amazing educators.

Hope to see you at one of these great shows this month:

Eli Bender:
- Every Thursday night in January - Shoeless Trio @ The Tranzac | Toronto, ON
- January 17, 2014 - Hale and Hearty @ Saving Gigi | Toronto, ON

Emma Hewson:
- December 10, 2013 - Emma and Raph @ Freetimes Cafe | 8:30pm | Toronto, ON

Francois Mulder:
- Every Wedensday night in December - The Diggs @ The Drake | Toronto, ON

Lea Kirstein:
- December 16, 2013 - Euphonia Chamber Orchestra @ Lula Lounge | 7:30pm | $15 | Toronto, ON

Matt Giffin:
- December 19, 2013 - Woodhouse Quintet @ Stayner's Wharf | Halifax, NS
- December 22, 2013 - Woodhouse Quintet @ Marigold Centre | Truro, NS
- December 31, 2013 - Woodhouse Quintet @ Ceaser's | Windsor, ON