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4 November 2016

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Consultation on self-service ticket redemption terminals

The Department is seeking comments on an application to introduce self-service ticket redemption terminals for use with cash-in-ticket-out (CITO) technology in Class 4 venues. The consultation is open now and closes on Friday 2 December 2016.

View the consultation document

If the application is introduced, the requirement that all tickets be presented and validated by venue staff, irrespective of their value, would be removed. Tickets with a value of up to $200 could be redeemed by players at the terminals. Tickets with a value of $200 or more would still be need to be presented to venue staff for payment.

This mirrors the current situation for gaming machines not using CITO technology, where payments of $200 or more are required to be paid out by venue staff.

We are interested in your comments on the application, particularly whether you think the terminals would reduce the risks of armed robbery in venues, and whether there should be any restrictions on where the terminals could be located (e.g. whether they could be located in the gambling area, or only outside the gambling area, or only where they are visible to staff).

Please email your comments to cath.anyan@dia.govt.nz by Friday 2 December 2016. If you have any queries about the proposed standards please contact Cath.