11 April 2016

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LGP News April 2016

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What is Best for Councils?

by Local Government Procurement

LGP is an advocate for procurement in local government and strives to achieve sustainable and value for money outcomes, whilst meeting legislative and compliance requirements for councils. Throughout our service offerings, LGP aims to address a simple yet important question  – “What is best for councils?”

2016 marks our 10 year anniversary and coincides with Fit for the Future; we are all clearly moving towards a new era in Local Government. As part of our commitment to supporting local government, we thought it timely to ask you what you want from LGP and how we can best assist you and your council.

We will be sending out a survey shortly, and the feedback you provide will contribute to our short, medium and long term strategic planning. We want to ensure we are operating in a way that you want, not what we think you want. This survey will capture your views and provide a comprehensive outlook of how we are operating as an organisation.

In addition to the survey, LGP will provide an opportunity for further feedback by hosting a short briefing session via webinar to discuss the following:

  • What do you think we do?
  • How well do we do it?
  • What would you like us to do?

As a result of previous customer feedback, we have implemented initiatives such as a more flexible training package that incorporates e-learning, and provide probity services. We also have launched contract implementation webinars, and provide substantial rebates to ROC’s and JO’s to support more regionally based initiatives.

We believe we are doing a lot of good work that addresses the fundamental question of “what is best for councils”, but we want to do more and ensure that what we do is a reflection of what you want.

LGP will disseminate the survey in the near future. We encourage you to get involved to give us a greater understanding of your requirements and ensure we are operating in your interests and delivering outcomes that will benefit all. 


LGP Training - Update

LGP are pleased to announce the launch of our new training and eLearning programs to be rolled out over 2016. Our new program is being delivered in partnership with ArcBlue, one of Australia’s leading procurement and contract management training organisations.

Our new face-to-face training program features a range of interactive and leading practice modules, designed specifically for NSW local government, covering ten critical areas of procurement and contract management:

  • Planning and Specifications 
  • Evaluation, Supplier Selection and Contract Establishment 
  • Contract Management Essentials 
  • Procurement for Local Government
  • Probity in procurement
  • Procurement for Councillors and Executives 
  • Social Procurement and Economic Development
  • Advanced Contract Management 
  • Effective Procurement Leadership
  • Spend Analysis for Savings, Efficiencies, Compliance & Collaboration
  • Stakeholder Management

The courses are all available to be delivered in your council or for your ROC or JO or through LGP’s Open Training Program. The first courses in the new Open Program will be held in Sydney CBD as follows:

  •  10 May 2016     Planning & Specifications (1 day)
  •  11 May 2016     Evaluation, Supplier Selection & Contract Establishment   (1 day)
  •  12 May 2016     Contract Management Essentials (1 day)

The next round of face-to-face training courses will be announced shortly. To register or for more information please send enquiries to Rebecca North, Training Coordinator.


LGP eLearning Program

LGP's new eLearning program will be launched shortly and will use state-of-the-art technology to deliver cost effective training, specifically designed for council employees engaged in purchasing, quoting, tendering and contract management. More information on our exciting new eLearning program will be available soon.

For more information please send enquiries to Rebecca North, Training Coordinator.


LGP Network Meeting

The LGP Network Meeting was held on 9 March 2016 in Sydney. There were over 40 attendees from various councils and the meeting was an overall success.

Following on from feedback from previous LGP Network meetings, the meeting focused mainly on procurement topics of current interest in local government, which was well received by attendees. There was also more opportunity for attendees to network with peers more closely. Some feedback was provided to LGP included changing the meeting location to a more convenient location, which is currently being considered.

The LGP Network meetings provide an opportunity for all council employees to come together to discuss the latest procurement initiatives happening in local government, and also discuss any issues or concerns.

The next LGP Network meeting will be held on 15 June 2016. LGP encourages all council staff to attend. If you would like to attend please register here. If you would like to suggest any agenda items please contact LGP Operations.


How Does the LGP Procurement Services Team Add Value to Your Council?

The Procurement Services Team understand how local government operates. The team is considered to be a part of the local government family and add value by providing the following procurement services:

Tender Facilitation
The Team is able to facilitate the full management of any tender process in collaboration with council staff, including the preparation of the recommendation report for consideration.

Some of the tenders the Team has facilitated are:

  • Provision of security services
  • Refurbishment of a library building
  • Provision of legal services providers
  • Provision of internal audit services providers
  • Management and operation of swimming centres
  • Crushing and screening of concrete
  • Waste bin audit
  • Tyre collection
  • FOGO services
  • Natural resources services
  • Waste services

Probity Advice
The Team has provided probity advice and probity audit services for local and regional councils. The services were provided for waste contracts, legal services, lease and development of council land and redevelopment of public space. 

This probity service identified potential risks and ensured the procurement process complied with the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW), Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW) and Tendering Guidelines for NSW Local Government 2009.

Procurement Documents Review and Development
The Team has provided advice on existing and have developed new procurement policies, procurement procedures and processes.

Procurement Training
Customised training has been provided on new procurement policies and procedures for council. The Team are also actively engaging the supply market with LGP's supplier tender training initiatives aimed at providing a thorough understanding of local government tendering requirements.

Outplacement Services
The Team provide outplacement services as a short term solution to assist with resource constraint operational procurement activities.

"Consider the LGP Procurement Services Team as an extension of the procurement function within your council"

For further information please contact the LGP Procurement Services Team on
02 8270 8700 or by email.


Tip of the Month

By LGP Procurement Services Team

Contract Management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

It is important to identify and establish relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to manage and measure against a contract’s performance. This is part of the planning process when developing the Request for Tender/Request for Quotation documentation.

All procurement activities have an objective to be met and this will be realised by effective contract management processes. When establishing KPI’s be sure to include the performance requirement, the objective of the KPI and how the KPI will be measured.


Consequential loss – is it still relevant?

We are all aware of clauses that deal with consequential loss, some of your agreements probably contain them, but are they useful, vital or a waste of space?

Legal opinion about consequential loss is varied and this article will discuss why.

Some key points in the article include:

  • Consider what loss you want covered by your contracts and what you want excluded
  • ​Being specific about what is and is not contemplated by the contract is always a good position to take

  • Ensure that current common law is considered in drafting your contracts.

Monica Kelly from Prevention Partners NSW explains more here.


LGP Website Update - New RFQ 
Template Form

LGP is providing a new quotation template to assist users of the contracts to create their RFQs.

To locate the new form please follow the steps below:

  • Log into the LGP website
  • ​Locate the specific Buyers Guide
  • Expand the Engaging approved contractors tab
  • ​Scroll down to the heading 'How do I get a quote?' (as per below example)
  • Click on the link and the template will open. 

The form is laid out in a succinct way, prompting you to enter information necessary to create a thorough RFQ. Once you have considered and entered all particulars, save the file to your computer. Once completed it will then be ready to upload to VendorPanel.

For assistance or further information please contact your Business Manager here.


Current LGP

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Current LGP Contracts

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Upcoming LGP Tenders and New LGP Contracts

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Amendments to LGP Contracts 

To find out information about amendments that have occurred between LGP and Approved Contractors, click here.


As part of our commitment to more sustainable procurement, Local Government Procurement is proud to be a member of Social Procurement Australasia (SPA).

Find out more about who SPA are here.


Want to
Know Who is Your Business Manager at LGP?

Local Government Procurement has dedicated business managers to look after the needs of councils, approved contractors, not for profit organisations and other government bodies.

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CIVENEX is Australia’s Premier Infrastructure Expo and features new and innovative solutions for Public Works, Local, State, Federal Government and private contractors. CIVENEX is hosted by the NSW state division of the Institute of Public Works Engineering (IPWEA). 

There will be live demonstrations held showcasing the latest infrastructure technology in action. A variety of forums will also be held, with keynote speakers from the NSW government and various private concerns covering topics such as new regulations, future infrastructure projects, and best practice plant procurement.

CIVENEX will be held on 18 and 19 May 2016 at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds Richmond.Admission to CIVENEX is free and there will be accommodation, public transport and parking all walking distance to the venue. Free parking and free educational seminars will also be available. For more information or to register please visit the CIVENEX website here.