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RAC WA partners with HCF for member benefit

New Internationalist

Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia members will now be eligible for a 5% discount on health insurance with HCF. 

Both RAC WA and HCF are mutuals, demonstrating the power and practical benefit for members of co-operation among co-operatives and mutuals. 

Northern interest in beef co-op project


A group of beef farmers in North Queensland are looking at forming a co-operative with assistance in the start up phase through the Farming Together program.

Emma Robinson, the leader of the project, suggested that to make the most of oppurtunties for growth farmers have to move up the supply chain, just focusing on efficiencies in farm operations would not be enough. 


New Zealand minister highlights role of co-ops in country’s economy

At Co-operative Business New Zealand's summit, held on 3 March 2017 in Auckland the Minister for Economic Development Simon Bridges acknowledged the important role of co-operatives in the New Zealand economy.

He noted that co-operatives contribute 20% of New Zealand's GDP, with that value being retained locally. 

CEO of Co-operative Business New Zealand, Craig Presland, said that co-operatives were the 'backbone of the New Zealand economy.'

Devondale fastest growing food brand in the world

Australian Mutuals Foundation

Devondale, owned by Australian dairy co-operative Murray Goulburn, is the fastest growing food brand in the world.

The brand grew in value by 35% last year, thanks to changing consumer tastes and growth in demand in Asia.

This is welcome news for the new management team at Murray Goulburn.

Employee Ownership Best Practice Nominations

Employee Ownership Australia

Employee Ownership Australia will hold its annual awards and conference in Melbourne in May.

Nominations are now open for the employee ownership best practice award.

Upcoming events

The Future is Co-operative: Making Mutual Enterprise Happen, Melbourne, 28-29 April 

Co-operative Research Group at University of Sydney 'Of Labour and Liberty' symposium, Sydney, 5 May

Employee Ownership Australia 2017 Awards and Conference, Melbourne, 19 May

Platform Cooperativism events: Adelaide, 22 May; Melbourne, 24-25 May; Sydney, 26 May.

Farming Together national forum, Adelaide, 6 June

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