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OSEmail 2.0

Welcome to the second edition of OSEmail: our biweekly periodical that keeps you up to date about developments regarding new prototypes, partnerships, projects. In this issue we'll cover the successes so far with replication, our recently built open source stove, and a request for input on our strategic plan.

Status of Prototypes and Replication

As of this week, at least 62 protototypes have been built---13 of which have occured so far this year, in four different countries.

The graph above indicates project scaling towards the open source economy - a paper on this forthcoming in the next issue of the MIT Innovations Journal. All icons in the graphic are hyperlinked to pictures and documentation. Clicking the image above to access the document directly and then double-click on the icons to go to their respective links.

We are currently recruiting 4 machine designers, and we aim to get our prototyping rate to 4 prototypes per month at Factor e Farm by March of 2013.  Since the success of the CEB Press Collaborative Production Run, we are shifting our recruiting to a focus on machine designers instead of fabricators. We found that production runs with 6-8 people using the Fabrication Diagram swarming method allow us to build a machine rapidly – within 1-4 days – provided that complete fabrication instructions are prepared carefully ahead of time.

Open Source Stove Prototype 1.0 Complete

Built in one day and installed in one more, we now have the first prototype of our stove resting in the HabLab. The burn box detaches from the ash chamber, and all the walls are removeable, making the stove not only modular but also fairly light-weight and easy to transport. The brick walls are CEB with sand/clay stucco. 

Our next goal is to install a heat exchanger coil on top and to run hydronic radiators from it to more remote sections of the building..

Solicitation for Review of Strategic Plan

We are preparing a strategic plan, and we would like to ask each of you to read and comment on it. Since our work is full-spectrum, review is a crucial part of making sure that we are doing the many things that we do as well as we can. Your comments will be publicly viewable, and they will help inform our final publication.

Open Source Ecology – Strategic Plan – Review Draft

(click to view our strategic plan and make comments)

Note: if you are a graphic designer and would like to help us design the final publication, please email aaron at opensourceecology dot org.