Are You Appealing Your Case? Read This First!

On every appeal you do, you should always go back and review the current Appellate Rules and Appendixes even if you are an experienced appellate attorney and think you know the rules by heart. Additionally, one of the most helpful and user-friendly resources for any North Carolina lawyer handling an appeal is ONLINE and available for FREE. The Appellate Rules Committee of the North Carolina Bar Association has updated and improved its APPELLATE STYLE MANUAL to provide numerous examples of appellate records, motions, briefs and petitions that comply with the recently revised Appellate Rules and Appendixes. All of the model documents in the Manual also include commentaries from the committee that give guidance to the practitioner for everything from simple formatting requirements to citations of the applicable rules and caselaw for each part of the appeal process.

Click for the downloadable .pdf file.

Appeals filed on or after October 1, 2009:

Appeals filed before October 1, 2009:

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