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Social Media is a vital component of marketing strategy as it engages customers, defines brand identity, and heightens brand exposure. Businesses employ various tools and tactics to enhance their social media presence in the online community. The key is choosing the right approach to incite curiosity among diverse audiences.

A trend that is fast becoming a small business’ answer to brand awareness is the “hashtag.” A hashtag is created by using the # symbol and attaching it to the beginning of a word or phrase. The American Dialect Society recently named the hashtag as the “Word of the Year.” Now hashtags have created social trends by spreading viral messages that reach millions and cover a variety of topics. Hashtags are a great way for small businesses to reach a wider audience and generate a devout following.

Tips to a Successful Hashtag

  • Search hashtag on Twitter first to prevent any inconsistencies
  • Determine if hashtag complements your brand to gain exposure
  • Keep hashtag short and simple to quickly grab reader’s attention
  • Use the correct hashtag to maintain ongoing presence in the online community
  • Don’t change hashtag to avoid confusion
  • Integrate hashtag into other marketing materials to remain consistent
  • Measure hashtag’s progress to keep track of discussions regarding your products and services


  • One-on-One Consultation

  • Development of SMS/MMS Messaging Campaign
  • Development of Email Marketing Campaign
  • Mobile Website Design

  • Deployment of SMS/MMS Messaging Campaign
  • Press Release (copy writing, distribution, pitching, follow-up and monitoring)
  • Deployment of Email Messaging Campaign
  • Social Media Account Establishing an Engagement (limited) - Facebook and Twitter