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October 24 – 27, 2013

Mario Del Curto, 2010, Veïjo Ronkkonen environment, Yoga Park, Parrikkala, Finland

Wide Open Arts is pleased to announce its roster of 25 galleries for the inaugural edition of the Outsider Art Fair Paris 2013, which will take place during FIAC at Hotel Le A, 4 Rue d'Artois, from October 24 – 27. 

New to OAF are Paris dealers Christian Berst, Béatrice Soulié, Hervé Perdriolle and Luc Berthier; Rizomi Art Brut (Turin), Galerie Toxic (Luxembourg), Galerie Polysémie (Marseille) and Karen Lennox (Chicago). Perdriolle will present the works of self-taught artists from India while Berthier will feature Aboriginal Art from Australia.

American exhibitors include Fleisher/Ollman (Philadelphia), American Primitive (New York), and Cavin Morris (New York).

Dealers with solo artist rooms are - HAI (New York) Melvin Way; Wasserwerk (Siegburg, Germany) Josef Wittlich; Gary Snyder (New York) Janet Sobel ; Garde Rail (Austin) Gregory Blackstock; C. Grimaldis Gallery (Baltimore) Giorgos Rigas; and Chris Byrne + Marquand Books (Seattle) Susan King.

For more information or press passes please contact info@outsiderartfair.com. Don't miss your opportunity to buy tickets for the Outsider Art Fair Paris at www.outsiderartfair.com

Outsider Art Fair Paris 2013 Exhibitors:

American Primitive Gallery, New York

Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York

Galerie Béatrice Soulié, Paris

C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore

Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York

Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland

Chris Byrne + Marquand Books, Seattle

Galerie Christian Berst, Paris

Fleisher-Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia

Galerie Luc Berthier, Paris

Galerie du Marché, Lausanne

Galerie Toxic, Luxembourg

Gallery at HAI, New York

Garde Rail Gallery, Austin

Gary Snyder Fine Art, New York

Henry Boxer Gallery, London

Galerie Hervé Perdriolle, Paris

Karen Lennox Gallery, Chicago

Laura Steward, Santa Fe

Galerie Polysémie, Marseille

Galerie Ritsch-Fisch, Strasbourg

Rizomi Art Brut, Turin

Rob Tufnell, London

Wasserwerk.Galerie Lange, Siegburg

Yukiko Koide Presents, Tokyo

Wide Open Arts LLC
134 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Supported by Raw Vision magazine.

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