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Special Operations for America (SOFA) PAC today announced that it is launching a TV ad in support of Shane Osborn's campaign for U.S. Senate in Nebraska.

The ad will run statewide on cable and broadcast TV stations in Nebraska and is supported by a six-figure media buy, said Gary Stubblefield, former Navy SEAL and SOFA's chairman.

"Shane Osborn is a true American hero with an inspirational story of courage and leadership. Shane's sacrifices and courage in the face of adversity reveal his strong character. We need more people like Shane Osborn in Congress, and for that reason we are proud to support his campaign to become Nebraska's next U.S. Senator," said Stubblefield.

The ad recounts the 2001 incident when then-Navy Lt. Osborn was piloting a surveillance plane off the coast of China and was harassed by a Chinese fighter jet that tried to intercept him. Following a mid-air collision, Osborn's plane went into a deep dive. He managed to gain control of the damaged aircraft and land on China's Hainan Island, saving the lives of 23 crewmembers.

Osborn and his crew were taken prisoner by the Chinese and interrogated at all hours. Throughout the ordeal, Osborn and his crew maintained military discipline. After 12 days of captivity, they were released and returned home to a hero's welcome.

Click here to view ad: http://youtu.be/7AJS6Try0qI