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Top 3 Filmmaker Tips From 2015

In Metro Screen's final month we asked a few of the talented people we funded and trained in 2015 to tell us the top three things they learned about this thing we call 'filmmaking'.

Chelsea Thistlewaite - Breaks funded filmmaker

Be generous with ideas. A few months before we started shooting there was a lot of interest in the story, and I thought that if I shared too much the magic would disappear or change in some way. Keeping ideas to yourself only diminishes them, and telling people, getting them excited and curious is storytelling again and again. Every time you start from scratch and tell someone what your film is about you are practising how to tell the story. It sounds incredibly obvious but I found it extremely useful. Ask questions, give honest and specific answers. [READ MORE]

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Final Public Event = Speed Newtorking

Final Public Event = Speed Networking

Things won't be the same when we close, so make sure you don't miss our final public event. It's the last chance we have to help you meet the creative partner of your dreams. PLUS we'll have drinks on hand to celebrate and loosen you up for a fast-paced, and loud networking session. Book now for Speed Networking Tuesday 15 December.


Two Day Fire Sale

Fire Sale 14 - 15 December 9am - 5pm. The last of Metro Screen's equipment sales will be held in our studio over two days. There'll be plenty of things that can be picked up for a small donation. Anything with a labelled price may be further discounted on Tuesday if it is not already sold. A list of some of the things available, and additional information can be found on our website.


Metro Screen's Five-Part Interview Series

Launching our to camera interviews from the Metro Screen Emerging Visions Report with Cate Shortland, Rosemary Blight, Adrian Wills and Kristina Ceyton. This five - part series covers the key areas needed to develop a career in the film industry. Watch all five as they are released over the next week starting with episode one


Metro Media NSW

Jonathan Wald, Metro Screen student and teacher invites you to join METRO MEDIA NSW

Created to maintain the community after we close, it is a place to discuss the future of the emerging filmmaker in NSW and Australia. 

Find them on Facebook here.



Carol is the story of forbidden love between two women set in 1950s New York. A department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.

We have double passes to give away - simply email metro@metroscreen.org.au

Watch the trailer.





Production Co-ordinator/Office Manager at Playbig Film - Paid work


Sound Design/Post-Production Sound Services - Offering services




PACT Unwrapped Christmas fundraiser - Sat 12 Dec


Seven Australian Premieres at 2016 Mardi Gras Film Festival - Starts 18 Feb


Songlines On Screen 2: Call For Proposals - Closes 1 Feb


Sydney Film Festival: Entries Open - Closes 26 Feb


Congratulations to the Diploma of Digital Content Producing students as they prepare to graduate tonight at the Chauvel Cinema.


Congratulations to the Diploma in Practical Filmmaking students as they prepare to graduate tonight at the Chauvel Cinema


Congratulations to the students in the Certificate IV in Post Production as they prepare to graduate next week.


Congratulations to all those filmmakers we funded in 2015 through Breaks, Raw Nerve and #Screenability as we launch their finished films at the cast and crew screening tonight at the Chauvel Cinema.

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