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Vol 2  Issue 4 | October 30, 2019

Derech Emunah Newsletter
Shabbaton with Mrs. Chaya Tendler Inspires Students to do Great Things in the Coming Year

Everyone knows that Shabbos is the best day of the week, and what better way to spend it than with our beloved friends and teachers?


This past Shabbos, Derech Emunah, was blessed to have Mrs. Chaya Tendler, our dynamic ZOOM video classroom teacher who lives in Israel, join us, in person, to help create a delightful and inspiring Shabbaton.
(For more information about video communications in education, click here).


The fun, food, and learning began on Friday morning, with an entertaining game led by Mrs. Tendler and continued on Friday night with a delicious meal at the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Cohen.


Following the meal, we made our way to Derech Emunah, where, after an uplifting "The Meaning of re"NEW"al" workshop with Mrs. Tendler, we all joined together in a soulful Kumzitz led by Shani Klitzner, our Madricha.


Our Shabbaton only got better the next day, starting with a beautiful lunch at the home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Tanenbaum, followed by a rousing game of trivia led by Shani Klitzner and a tasty Seudah Shlishit ("The Third Meal") at Derech Emunah.


After a beautiful Havdalah to mark the end of Shabbat, we rushed to bundle up and prepare for the trip to Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm. Despite the cold weather, we warmed our hearts and spirits, sitting around the fire pit, singing and roasting marshmallows.


We returned home feeling inspired to do great things in the upcoming year.


This Shabbaton could not have been possible without the leadership of Shani Klitzner and the help of countless individuals: Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Tendler, Aliza Margolese, Shifra Wren, Tali Margolese, and Michali Simon. Thank you to everyone!


Upcoming Dates and Events

November 25th

Parent Teacher Conferences


November 28-29th
Thanksgiving - No School


December 5th
Visit from Dr. David Luchins
Touro College

Dr. David Luchins is Founding Dean, Professor, Chair, Political Science Department of Lander College for Women (TOURO) 


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