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Nov 11th Water Ceremony - Sending Love & Gratitude to Water

Image/Vidoe : Emoto Water Prayer

Masaru Emoto's Message - The Power of Prayer
March 11th, 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake devastated Japan. Measuring at a magnitude 9, the earthquake created a huge tsunami to follow, that hit the Tohoku area of Japan at 2:46 pm that day.

Literally destroying everything in its path, including victimizing 18,574 people. Sadly there are still thousands people who are missing as a result of the tsunami’s powerful surge, taking them back out to sea.

In addition, the earthquake created meltdowns at the Fukushima Nuclear reactors that resulted in a lot radioactive substances leaking into the ocean waters of Japan, contaminating the Pacific Ocean.

In 1997, Dr. Emoto was with a Buddhist monk, Rev. Kato who cleansed dirty dam water with his prayers at the Fujiwara dam lake in Gunma Prefecture of Japan. Please enjoy and share this important story.

Photos Below:
Photo 1 Dr Emoto with Rev. Kato
Photo 2 Water Crystal Photo - before the prayer
Photo 3 Water Crystal Photo - after the prayer

As you can see by the photographs, the water showed a totally different water crystal shapes before and after the prayers. To Dr. Emoto, the one after the prayer, looked like a design which resembled the Dainichi Budda coming down to the water and cleanse it. Surprisingly, a few days after the prayers, a dead body of a young female surfaced in the lake and the next day, the homicide was resolved when the police were able to make the arrest with locating the body.

Dr. Emoto's interpretation of the 2 photos is that they were certainly a good indicator about the condition of the lake at that time. The water crystal before the prayer shows design that looks like a figure of suffering female face. On the other hand, the water crystal after the prayer turned out to be divine in showing lights around the water crystal.

Another example of how our prayers effect water, In the early morning of July 25th in 1999, 340 people were gathered for a water ceremony at Lake Biwa the biggest lake of Japan. At that time, Lake Biwa was so polluted that horrid odors were emitting from the lake. A few days after we went there to offer prayers, the local newspaper reported that suddenly there was no longer bad odors emitting from Lake Biwa.

So from these experiences, Dr. Emoto learned that if our prayers and intentions are pure, with using water as medium, multi-dimensional power can take place.

Dr. Emoto wanted us like to help the people who are still missing after the disaster. He wanted to protect and heal the oceans from contamination of radioactive substances. Dr. Emoto was sure that you feel the same way. In order to do so, we need numerous numbers of people at the same time to join together to send pure prayers to souls of the victims.

He speak of this well known Einstein theory at his global seminars:

E = MC2 Mass–energy equivalence by Albert Einstein

I believe the true meaning and power of this equation is


The amount of energy or power of the prayer is determined by amount of people who collective connect their pure hearts at the same time.

Therefore,Dr. Emoto had requested the everyone around the world to join together for a Global Prayer every month on 11th. Together we will collectively send our sincere prayers with the following words.

Ho'oponopono Prayer :

“I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.” (Repeat 3 times)

Where: Right from where you are.
When: Nov 11, 2015
Time: 12:00pm Your Local Time

Sincere love and thanks to each and every one of you for your participation in collectively connecting to your heart for this powerful global prayer.

image dr emoto & rev katp

Dr Masaru Emoto & Rev Kato 

image before prayer

Water Before Prayer

image after prayer

Water After Prayer

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