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Lead the Way

The fact that you are taking the time to read this newsletter about opportunities for your students speaks volumes about your willingness to lead the way – for your kids and as a teacher leader.  When you are looking for inspiration, support from a community of other innovative educators, and a way to recharge your creativity, check out Dataseam’s new Learning Library at http://www.kydataseam.com/learninglibrary/


A world of resources

Right at your fingertips...
Search by topic or search by district.  We have a wealth of information handy for you to explore teaching with digital tools, apps that connect to the Common Core, video lessons, and words to the wise from educators around the Commonwealth.

This is a Library where you can shout out - about your achievements and lessons learned.  Join the conversation and hang out.  You’re welcome here 24-7.

For example...

Air Pressure Can Crusher Experiment
In this experiment we are investigating how air interacts and affects our everyday world...  Watch as students create a digital lab report.

Join in the conversation

Join the discussion as teachers from across Kentucky share insights and learning experiences on the DataseamEducator Blog.