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Influence is one of the most critical abilities for a leader to possess. Most of the work that a leader accomplishes happens through influencing others, be it one’s team, peers, leaders of other business units, or bosses. One of the perennial questions many leaders have is, “How do I increase my influence?” Working on behaviors related to underlay emotional intelligence is a practical and effective strategy for becoming a person of influence. 

Amiable Style and Coaching

This month we continue discussing Social Style and how a coach’s behavior can have a tangible impact on the people they coach. Coaching has become an integral part of leadership responsibilities however successful performance coaching takes focus, practice and commitment.

Amiable Style

If you have an Amiable Style, you seem interested in achieving rapport with the people you coach and they see you as informal, easy going, and as someone who openly displays feelings. You tend to be sensitive to keeping relationships with the people you coach on a friendly, personal basis.

While you are normally comfortable displaying your feelings, if delivering difficult feedback, you can be seen as timid and unwilling to fully voice your opinions.


Most Amiable Style people are easily approachable, so you have a natural advantage in terms of coaching.  However, to be most effective you should be direct with your feedback and advice.  People of other Styles will appreciate detailed information regarding their performance, along with your recommendations.

It’s really important that you remember that coaching is about performance, and most people will distinguish between their job performance and their personal relationship with you.

When coaching, be open to letting the people give you information about specific situations, as you may not have all the information that they feel is necessary.

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