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DESMOND award winners announced today

Excellence in Type 2 diabetes structured education has been recognised in the annual DESMOND awards.

Bernie Stribling, director of the DESMOND Programme, said the five winning entries showed “star quality” and the awards in general demonstrated a “wealth of good practice”.

Almost 30 submissions were made to the inaugural Celebrating DESMOND Annual Awards Programme, which aimed to reward excellence and share learning across the DESMOND community. To read more, click here.

Ninjabetic – Insulin for All

November 14, as many of you know, marks World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day is celebrated throughout the world by people living with diabetes, their friends and families and their carers.

It is a day when we raise awareness for the relentless and demanding condition that we live with 24/7, the seriousness of living with a long term illness that requires careful attention to detail, meticulous planning and a lifetime of dedication. To read more, click here.

Diabetes.co.uk relaunch #BloodSugarSelfie for World Diabetes Day

Diabetes.co.uk is raising awareness of diabetes and funds with their #BloodSugarSelfie campaign to mark World Diabetes Day. To read more, click here.

People with diabetes not offered dietary advice 

More than half of people with diabetes are not offered sufficient dietary advice upon diagnosis, according to a snapshot survey carried out by the InDependent Diabetes Trust to support the healthy eating message of this year’s World Diabetes Day. To read more, click here.