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Family Day at the Museum

The staff at the museum was pleased to see so many families at the Galloway on February 20th.

The museum provided free activities which included puppet and paper lantern making, hopscotch, colouring, family board games and a reading corner. Snacks and hot chocolate were also available free of charge. The event saw upwards of 75 people with about 30 to 40 going to check out the museum. Staff were available for tours within the museum, giving "an insider's look" to the displays as well as providing artistic guidance for the different crafts being made. 

The Edson and District Historical Society would like to thank all of the families that came to the Galloway Station Museum and Travel Centre on Family Day and look forward to seeing all of you again next year, when the event will be bigger and better!

Tour Local- Sundance Provincial Park

Yellowhead county is filled with an array of beautiful and amazing tourist attractions. This month we are highlighting Sundance Provincal Park.

The park is located 65 km north of Edson on mostly gravel roads, but don't let that deter you! The hike in to the park is gorgeous and you can tell the park has seen few visitors by it's narrow and winding path. The trail splits in two to either go to Emerson Lake or to the Hoodoos. This section of the park is protected as the hoodoos are quite fragile due to their sandstone structure. Extensive climbing and walking on the structures would eventually destroy them. Horseback riding is allowed further into the park.

The view from the hoodoo's is gorgeous allowing you to see into a huge valley and beyond. From the parking lot to the start of the hoodoos it is only a short 10 minute walk.

A definite see this summer!

From Galloway's Collections: Not So Manly Men

This photo is part of the museum collection. The photo was taken in Coal Valley in the 30's. As there were not many women in the valley at that time most plays had men portrayed as ladies. As for this picture however, the men got a little too into their characters.

A Sneak Peak

Here is your exclusive look at a portion of the final phase of the Museum.
This portion will be located behind ‘Our Natural World’ section of the museum.
The projected completion date is mid April. Hope to see you there!