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3 March 2015

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Consultation on gambling fees review

The Department has been signalling for some time that it is costing more to regulate gambling than the revenue produced from current fees.

You will soon be able to have your say about proposed fee increases through a consultation document to be available on our website shortly.

Fees were last reviewed eight years ago. The costs of regulation have increased since then. The Department has contained costs as far as possible, including staff cuts. Further staff reductions will compromise our ability to comply with our responsibilities under the Gambling Act.

Non-casino gaming machines produce most of the revenue but numbers have fallen further than forecast. Fees also fund the Gambling Commission – approximately 60 per cent of its work concerns casino applications and 40 per cent Class 4 appeals.

The Department’s forecast operating deficit is unsustainable, and represents the taxpayer rather than the industry funding a portion of the cost of gambling regulation, which is contrary to the intent of the Gambling Act 2003 – hence the need for the fees review.

Full details of proposed changes will be in the document: Consultation: Proposed changes to gambling fees. This is being released on the Department’s website tomorrow. We invite you to consider making submissions when the consultation document is released.