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March 11 - March 25, 2013

Volume 1. Issue 10.

Dear ,

Welcome back from spring break! We hope that you had a relaxing and reenergizing week. While you were away we spent some time updating the student organization website. Go to the new site to find resources for executive board members, event planning, and training (including a calendar for training events). Please share this resource with other members in .

You will receive a few important messages in the next week or so. One is regarding the process for UGBC Senate elections. Don't forget that the Student Organization Senator Candidate Interest Form is now available. The other message will clarify the process for e-board transitions. should be prepared to transition leadership by the week of April 16th.

In the spirit of the upcoming UGBC elections, the theme of this newsletter is Civic Engagement (at BC and beyond). How will you and your organization make an impact?

- The Student Organization Team

Training Update

Did you know...

  • Only 10% of the population contacts a government official each calendar year?
  • Of the 169 world democracies US voter participation ranks 120th?

We would like to know how civically engaged you are and are offering another easy way to receive credit for your organization. If 4 members of complete this survey (click here) you will receive 1 Civic Engagement credit. Make sure you complete the full survey to receive credit. No post-event form needed!

4 Members x 5 Minutes = 20 minutes for 1 credit

Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be a Voice.


Give 150 minutes of service for BC's 150th anniversary!

The Jenks Program/Cradles to Crayons collaboration is looking for students who are willing to dedicate 2 hours of their time on a one-time, non-commital basis to help us give back to the Boston community. During this time, volunteers will travel to the Giving Factory and sort clothing and toys or go "shopping" to create kid packs.

Going to C2C qualifies participating student leaders for 1 Civic Engagement credit. Trips are schedule at least bi-weekly begining March 14 - April 18th. Register here to volunteer.

Cradles to Crayons (C2C) relies on the support of community members like those at BC to provide for a better future for the most vulnerable young residents of Boston. C2C is a nonprofit organization based in Brighton, founded to provide everyday essentials like clothing and school supplies to Boston-area children living without a home, or in a low-income household, from birth to age 12. Volunteers can experience firsthand the gratification of sorting clothes, toys, and school supplies, and assembling them into "kid packs" for young people who would otherwise do without.


Don't forget BC's committment to 150 minutes of service in our 150th year. Looking for ways for your organization to participate in service opportunities? Visit the Volunteer and Service Learning Center. If your organization has completed service, fill out the 150th Form and don't forget to apply for Civic Engagement credit!

Get Involved!

Women's History Month

The events below are available for Cultural and Diversity credit. Click on the image to register for the event.

Did You Know?