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Sexual Medicine Receives Its First Impact Factor

Sexual Medicine, the ISSM's open access journal, has received its first impact factor from its publisher Elsevier. The journal's 2015 impact factor is 1.188. See more details here. 


Age and Cause of Infertility are Important Factors in Women's Sexual Health

For couples coping with infertility, a number of factors, including stress and depression, can affect their emotional and sexual relationship.  However, new research by American scientists shows age and the cause of infertility are especially significant for a woman's sexuality. 

Three hundred ninety-six infertile women participated in the study. Most of the women were in their thirties. 

Using a portion of the Fertility Problems Inventory, the researchers asked the women about the impact of infertility on their sexual relationships.  

Greater impact was found in women younger than 40 years old, perhaps because infertility is less common in that age group. 

Women who believed their infertility was caused by female factors (rather than male factors or a combination of male and female factors) experienced greater impact as well.  It's possible that these women blamed themselves for their situation, the authors noted.

Similarly, women who did not know that cause of their infertility had greater sexual impact scores. 

Healthcare providers should screen infertile women for sexual dysfunction, especially women at higher risk, the researchers said.

The study was first published online in May as an article in press for Sexual Medicine.  Please click here to learn more.

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