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REELER celebrates half-way point

REELER is now half-way through the three-year project period (2017-2020) and is beginning to share preliminary findings with the robotics and EU community. In October, the partners successfully presented the REELER project in Luxembourg at the interim review meeting. The project received very positive feedback and the reviewers look forward to seeing more REELER results in the 2nd half of the project. REELER continues with reeling fieldwork and analysis, building up to the development of the REELER Roadmap.

Spotlight on REELER research

REELER has completed 11 multi-sited cases (including our pilot case) covering multiple robot types from 8 sectors and multiple subsectors. REELER has conducted fieldwork in 13 EU states, including interviews with more than 130 roboticists and affected stakeholders.

REELER has continued exploring sociodrama and other methods of collaboration between SSH and robotics communities, including our recent REP II event in Milano, Italy in September.

Upcoming events

Mini-public II, November 27, Copenhagen, Denmark

The REELER project welcomes workers and members of Danish industry to our second Mini-public event, to be held at the Worker's Museum. The event is structured around a series of presentations by Danish politicians, academics, and labor representatives. Each speaker will present their own vision of a future with robotics and a question posed to the Mini-public participants. Using the Mentimeter participation app, participants will vote on these questions. A panel debate will be held to discuss the results of these votes. (Read about our previous mini-public here.)

Who is responsible for ensuring a meaningful worklife with robots?

Partners and funding

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