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BCCM Host Professor Sir Julian Le Grand, Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, London School of Economics

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In December BCCM hosted Professor Sir Julian Le Grand on his tour to Australia. For the last two decades, Sir Julian Le Grand has advised community organisations and governments on the hybrid economy - where organisations have the goal of both profit and social purpose. 

He spoke at the Governance Institute of Australia National Conference on the prospect of public service mutuals, organisations owned by their employees which deliver public services. He argues they deliver both better services as well as greater well-being for workers. 

His visit attracted substantial attention and included meetings with the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison. Check out his article in The Age as well as his interview on ABC RN

Another year of member-owned banks delivering extraordinary customer service

The Boomalli Ten

Seven out of the ten cheapest home loans in December were offered by member-owned banks or credit unions, capping off another stellar year for Australia's mutual banking institutions. 

It was also the second year in a row that BCCM member, Heritage Bank, took out the top spot in Australia for customer satisfaction

As shown by the huge public pressure for a Royal Commission into the big four banks, Australians are increasingly disillusioned. This is starting to show in market-share. Reserve Bank governor, Philip Lowe, recently noted “many of the smaller institutions have some type of competitive advantage either through their close relationship with their customers or other strategic advantages.”

Event - Building the Co-operative Business Model: Entrepreneurship, Ecosystem and Community Impact


BCCM co-hosted with 888 Causeway Co-working Co-operative an event on building the co-operative business model

Over 80 people attended to hear Australia’s leading co-operative and mutual enterprise (CME) academic Tim Mazzarol, Jude Perera, Vic MP, fresh from his sojourn in the co-operative mecca of Mondragon, and Julie Markoff Miller of bHive Bendigo.

The event was a great success and has subsequently generated substantial interest in the co-operative business model. The event also saw $164.55 raised for Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative

Co-operatives enter the world of cryptocurrency


While Bitcoin continues to raise concerns about excessive electricity consumption and financial risk, co-operatives are now using its underlying blockchain technology to support financial inclusion and social justice.

Fair Coin, launched in July, is currently the most ecological and resilient cryptocurrency globally. 

In France, ARK Ecosystem raised US$750,000 for its open-source cryptocurrency, and aims to position itself as the "cryptocurrency of cryptocurrencies".

And Moeda, a "co-operative banking system powered by blockchain, built for everyone", raised US$20 million in August via an initial coin offering. It has partnered with a network of 170 Brazilian Cooperative Credit Banks and 128 Communitarian Banks and will deliver banking services to underserved communities as well as ethical investment opportunities in co-operatives. 

Upcoming events

Co-operatives and Mutuals Strategic Development Program, 7-9 February, Melbourne

For all the latest news from the co-operative and mutual sector, please visit the BCCM website and for information on how to run and set up a co-operative, visit Get Mutual.