April 18, 2019

Dear Graduate Students,

Today is your last chance to vote in the graduate student union election. Polls are open until 5 p.m. in the O'Hara Student Center Ballroom, and regardless of your position, I urge you to VOTE.

I have heard from many students who voiced serious misgivings about unionization and asked how those could be shared with their peers. We compiled their concerns to share with all of you.

While their perspectives differ, a common theme emerges: The outcomes of collective bargaining are unclear, but the benefits of working with the University are proven. They cite stipend gains, health insurance, parental accomodation guidelines and Title IX protections, and ask about the motivations of the Steelworkers.

If you still aren’t convinced your vote matters, their thoughtful, informed insights prove: There’s too much at stake to sit this one out.

The outcome of this election will shape your educational experience—and generations of students to come—in profound ways. This is your final chance to get the facts, use your voice...and vote! 


Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

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