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Vasectomized Men Have Sex More Frequently

New research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that vasectomized men have sex more often than non-vasectomized men. 

Similar results were found for female partners of vasectomized men. 

The study, conducted by researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine, aimed to provide quantitative data that could help healthcare providers counsel men considering vasectomy. 

Concerned about its effects on their potency, many men are reluctant to have the procedure, even though it is an effective form of birth control. 

On average, vasectomized men in the study had sex 5.9 times per month, compared to 4.9 times per month for non-vasectomized men. 

Average sexual frequency for women of vasectomized partners was 6.3 times per month. Those with non-vasectomized partners had sex an average of 6.0 times per month.

"Couples may be more inclined to pursue vasectomy when the high satisfaction rate is also reinforced by a more objective measure such as sexual frequency," the study authors wrote. 

It should be noted that some men experience pain, infection, swelling, and bleeding under the skin after the procedure.

Some experts also warn that the results should be interpreted cautiously, as men who undergo vasectomy are more likely to be sexually active than those who don't.

More information on the study is available here. 


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