2012 Claims Review

Will Graebe

The 2012 calendar year results for claims exceeded our expectations. With continued declining frequency since 2010 and another year of very favorable development on prior years’ claims, Lawyers Mutual was once again able to achieve an underwriting profit.

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Facts About Employment Practices Liability Insurance Coverage

Adam Pierce

The truth is, you are now more likely to have an employment practices claim than a property claim. Employment related lawsuits continue to rise.

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35 Years of Mutual Memories - An Interview with Bob Neal

Bob Neal

A business is only as strong as its financial foundation. For almost a quarter-century, Bob Neal has been making sure Lawyers Mutual’s foundation is rock-solid.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Legal Luck

Jay Reeves

This is the season of four-leaf clovers, leprechauns and pots of gold.

But smart lawyers know that success depends on many factors – and luck is the least of them.

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ABA Women Rainmakers Local Programming

Are paying clients beating down your door?  Can you identify your ideal target market?  How would your perfect potential client know that you exist?  

The ABA Women Rainmakers announces its Spring 2013 workshop, “Niche Marketing:  Why, How To and Now What?”,  to be held the week of April 22 in a city near you.  This fourth installment in the Women Rainmakers’ local programming initiative will focus on the power of niche marketing.  In an interactive moderated program we will explore why niche marketing works, how to pick a niche or two and what to do to reach it.  Lawyers at every career stage will learn how to better focus their business development efforts and resources to get more results. 

Select the link for the city near you for more information regarding that program:


From Start to Finish

Tips for entering and exiting practice

Creating Meaningful Mentoring Relationships

Joyce Brafford

Listener; advisor; counselor.  These are the makings of a mentor.

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