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Latest News from the ISSM - July 27, 2012 Member Login
Meet Your Colleagues - Irwin Goldstein, MD

In this month's Member Profile, we're pleased to introduce you to Dr. Irwin Goldstein of San Diego Sexual Medicine. Dr. Goldstein practices in San Diego, California, USA.

Dr. Goldstein has been an ISSM member for 30 years and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, reviewing up to 1,000 manuscripts each year.

"I can't think of life without the ISSM," Dr. Goldstein says. "The society legitimizes the amazing and incredible field of sexual medicine."

To learn more about Dr. Goldstein, his background, and his practice, click here.

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For Members: Listserv Closing, Discussion Forums Opening

We're making some changes in one of the ways you connect with your colleagues.The listserv is becoming a discussion forum hosted at http://www.issm.info/member_forums. You can use your current ISSM username and password to access the forum. Note the listserv will soon close permanently so please begin using the forum now.

Follow these simple steps:

1.  Go to the following link: http://www.issm.info/join-now/members-only/forum-subscriptions/.

2.  Subscribe to the forum categories for which you would like to receive notifications.

3.  Start new topics by clicking on the “new topic” button.

4.  Reply to earlier posts by clicking on the “post reply” button.

Once subscribed, you will be notified via e-mail when new threads are started or replies are posted. A link to the forum thread will be included in the e-mail.

Reconstructive Surgery for Female Genital Cutting

A recent study from The Lancet has shown some encouraging results for women who have undergone female genital cutting (FGC). 

The prospective study reports that many women have reduced pain and increased sexual pleasure after reconstructive surgery that restores clitoral anatomy and function.  

French researchers, led by Dr. Pierre Fold├Ęs, examined data from almost 3,000 women who had the surgery. Over 800 women also participated in a one-year follow up.

At one year, most of the women reported that their pain associated with FGC had decreased or was no worse than before surgery. Most women said they had clitoral pleasure. About a third who had never had an orgasm before surgery now reported restricted or regular orgasms.

Please click here to read more about this study.

Q & A: Female Genital Cutting

We've added some new questions and answers about female genital cutting to our Q & A database this week:

What is female genital cutting?

Why do some cultures practice female genital cutting?

What are some complications of female genital cutting?

Can female genital cutting be "repaired"?

Do you have any topics you'd like to see in our Q and A section? Make your suggestions at QandA@issm.info.

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