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  Newsletter January 2017  

A very belated Happy New Year to you.

Computer issues have delayed this newsletter but our wishes are still that you enjoy a blessed 2017

We really do  value you support and encouragement. So please read on, see what we have been up to and are planning ahead.



    News from the Farm

Well so far the winter has been kind to us, dry and mild. The animals are doing well.
Betty’s piglets are growing well and heading for the February markets. They are a great hit with the young people as the piglets nibble their boots when they go in to feed them. Betty has now joined Boris and the rest of the sows in the field, all snuggling down together of a night. Feeding the sows is always a challenge, trying to get the feed in their trough before they all gather round and we risk ending up on the floor!
The chickens, geese and ducks have been kept in over the last month due to the “bird flu” scare. They are not happy but needs must. To add to their caged experience the mink has taken a toll, burrowing under the chicken run. Very frustrating – not too good for the birds either.

The cows are all indoors now, enjoying the big barn at Broadaford. The sheep have now been running with the ram for a couple of months and last year’s lambs have been sorted by the young people, identifying those ready for market. This is a great task that has been a huge hit and requires much team work and courage, working amongst the sheep.
Will has been a great tutor for the young people, showing endless patience and ingenuity. He continues to plan ahead ensuring plenty for the young people to be involved with

    Christmas Cheer

This year we invited all the volunteers who had helped us during the year to an evening of Christmas Cheer. There was much preparation ahead of time by a group of Volunteers, then the group visiting in December enjoyed adding the final preparations for celebrating Christmas. The young people spent time reading the Christmas story, reflecting on it and generating lines for poetry and songs.



Making sandwiches

They made mince pies and decorated gingerbread men. They decorated the barn with lights and prepared seating and blankets for volunteers invited for the evening.
Fifty people gathered to share thoughts around Christmas, carols and poems, with the young people taking a lead in hospitality, demonstrating their gratitude for all the time and energy that is so generously given to make their experiences at the farm so enjoyable.



    November work party

Some of the men from Providence House gave their time and energy working hard around the farm over three days. They moved about 5 tons of fire wood into the wood store and onto the field stack. They cleared one of the barns, moved bales of hay with John Dracup’s help and prepared the cattle yard for Christmas visitors. They prepared the pig sties and chicken runs for the winter
Their energy was endless and joyful spirit was very uplifting to us all. We are very grateful to them all.

  WE are delighted and humbled
    Christmas tree festival at Widecombe.

This year the theme for each tree had to be a book. Volunteers helped prepare the tree to reflect Elizabeth Braund’s book “The Young Woman who lived in a Shoe”. Some prepared a giant shoe for the tree to sit in, others provided toy farm animals and vehicles, made a “road” out of florists ribbon, a couple of tower blocks and a farmhouse. At Providence House the junior youth group made baubles for the tree that displayed their own individual faces.
It all came together and displayed the work done by Elizabeth and Rosemary in the past and the Shallowford trust at present.

  Christmas Tree Decorations
    Annual Dinner at PH

We enjoyed great hospitality at Providence house in November when we attended their Annual Dinner.
The young people had created a wonderful venue and Hadas and a wonderful team of helpers had produced a marvellous menu, including Shallowford Lamb. We were entertained by the dance group and rapper, heard about the wonderful work that happens at PH, we shared the work of the farm and met many of the PH supporters.
It was good to visit the young people in their own space and to be so warmly welcomed

    Volunteering Opportunities

We have a wonderful team of volunteers who visit the farm and support the work here. There are always a huge array of tasks that need to be done. Maybe you could come along and help out with one of the following: book-keeping, organizing lists on Excel, catering, looking after the animals, painting, gardening, fundraising, marketing, maintenance and many other things that need doing to keep the work here afloat. We would love to welcome you to East Shallowford Farm, just call us and come along.

    Dates for your diary

As before there are 20 different groups planning to visit Shallowford Farm from Providence House during this coming year. There is much planned but two key dates for you are 21st - 24th August  The Families Camping Week and then the 12th September Widecombe Fair. Do put these in your diary for prayer support and volunteering, if you are able.

  Having fun at Shallowford
    A Day on the Farm for Volunteers.

From Phil, his daughter and so many other, thank you. You give us SO much that we would like to invite all our volunteers to come to the farm for a day out. Come and meet each other, hear our latest news and updates, enjoy lunch, a walk and some fun around the farm. The date is Saturday 22nd April from 11am onwards. Please call/email/write and let us know if you can join us: or 01364 621392




    Visit Providence House for yourself?

Would you like to visit the Falcon Road, Battersea, see where all the young people come from and meet them in their own environment? Providence House have invited us to join them on either 18th or 25th May. We plan to arrange a day visit to Providence House from Devon sometime later in the year. This would be an early start, arriving for lunch, an afternoon at PH with the young people and exploring the area, an early tea before returning to Devon late.

There will be a cost, simply to cover the transport, which could be cars or minibus, depending on the level of interest. If you would be interested in joining us then please email or call us to that effect or 01364 621392 stating which day you would prefer. Once we know who is interested then we will arrange a date, transport and put a programme together for the day.

Dates for your diary

13th - 15th January - Work Party

14th Januray - Trustees meeting

23rd Janaury - Prayer walk around the farm

10th - 15th February - Young people from Providence House 

11th February - Bishop Nick visits Shallowford farm

23rd February - 7pm Shallowford Prayer meeting

24th - 26th February - Work Party


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