Issue 46 | 19 July 2017


"I liked it so much," said Remington bloke Victor Kiam, "I bought the company." But do people love Twitter as much? An idea that's being touted at the moment is that if the company was bought by employees and users, it could deal with many of its ongoing problems. In other news, Snapchat continues to innovate and forge inroads into TV. Oh, and a selfie fish. We're not even kidding. All this and more in the latest issue of Sociable Folktales. 

  • Plans to build a whole town.
  • VIP-only video app.
  • Categories for videos and more.
  • New 'Collections' ad format.
  • Reach reduction for clickbait.
  • Houseparty-style video chat app.
  • 'Find WiFi' tool opened to all
  • You can now upload GIFs directly.
  Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Edit button considered (again).
  • Should employees and customers buy the company?
  • Instagram
  • 'Favorites' feature tested.
  • Stories gets replies feature.
Other Platforms
  • Make Snapchat filters on your phone.
  • Time Warner signs $100m deal to produce Snapchat shows.
  • Snapchat's 'Paperclip' tool.
  • Snapchat's self-serve ad platform.
  • YouTube now has its own font.
  Emerging Platforms and Tech
Social Media Items of Interest
  • Pride in London poster causes backlash.
  • YouTube offers $3 over ads linked to extremism.
  • Times Square video game for Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • 'Minimise me' campaign puts people on 30-day Greggs diet.
  • ASOS praised for using untouched images of models.
  • Germany's new law can fine Facebook or Twitter up to $57m for hate speech.
  • Catch up with Game of Thrones with the GoTBot chatbot.
  • Game of Thrones' Hodor holds back a hungry horde at KFC.
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