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July 2015
Hotting up
The first six months of this year are the hottest in recorded history, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Experts blame the global heatwave being experienced on both land and sea surfaces for weather-related disasters across the world, with widespread drought and catastrophic flooding. Closer to home, parts of South Africa and especially KwaZulu-Natal are experiencing the worst drought since 1992.
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South Africa’s dollar millionaires
While reports show that 8000 dollar millionaires have left the country in the past 15 years it doesn’t look like their leaving will be noticed too much. The country still has an estimated 50 000 dollar millionaires, over half of the world’s total and the highest number of dollar millionaires on the continent.
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Exploding e-cigarettes
While e-cigarettes help smokers wean themselves off the real thing, there are also dangers associated with using these battery-powered electronic versions, with reports of them exploding or catching fire. The most common cause appears to be using incorrect chargers.
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Dwarf planet Pluto
Images of Pluto have been beamed back from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which was launched in January 2006. The visuals reveal details of a world of ‘youthful’ mountains and a covering of methane and nitrogen ice.
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Mandela minutes
July is the month of Nelson Mandela’s birthday and the popular ‘67 minutes of service’ campaign, where people take 67 minutes to help others in tribute to his 67 years of service to mankind. At Safire, we packed kits for male and female rape victims, containing new underwear, tissues, soap, shampoo, body lotion, tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits. We also delivered much needed milk formula and nappies to the Salvation Army Joseph Baynes Child and Youth Care Centre in Pietermaritzburg.
Why claims are rejected #15

According to the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance, a client’s insurance claims might be rejected because of faulty workmanship and poor general design on an insured’s home – much like the sloppy standards of the Nkandla upgrades perhaps? Homeowner’s insurance is cover for your home - the actual building, not the contents.

sun glare

At this time of the year, the sun is setting as many motorists take to the roads on their way home. The danger of the sun in your eyes might seem minimal – but sun glare accounts for almost 200 fatal car crashes in the USA each year.
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The saying is that curiosity killed the cat, but one curious Italian cat is responsible for a significant archaeological find – a buried 2000 year old catacomb in the suburbs of Rome. Archaeologists speculate that this might be the site of the murder of Julius Caesar.
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While Eskom totters along and the country’s leaders meet global powers to secure assistance with nuclear power, a wind farm has been opened in the Northern Cape as a source of ‘green’ renewable energy. The Noupoort Wind Farm is expected to generate 305 000MWh annually.
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Remote hijacking now possible

As if the prospect of being hijacked in your car isn’t terrifying enough, hacking experts have proven that they are able to remotely control a vehicle being driven by an unsuspecting victim. This experiment by security researchers has resulted in the recall of 1.4 million vehicles by Fiat Chrysler.
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Economic Tidbits
Economic Tidbits
Economic Tidbits

• R500 billion – the government’s first speculative costing on the new nuclear build programme, based on costs in other countries. This is an “overnight cost,” that excludes financing and the “critical dimensions of a nuclear power programme such as the costs of dealing with nuclear waste, decommissioning and insurance in the event of an accident…”

• 93% - amount of life insurance business in sub-Saharan Africa originating from South Africa.

• $2 billion – cost of cancellation insurance for the Brazilian World Cup. With investigations underway into FIFA and allegations of bribery around the upcoming Qatar and Russia World Cup tournaments in 2018 and 2022, insurers are likely to refuse to pay out if hosting rights are cancelled.

• R6,2 million – the annual remuneration for the Nkandla Municipality’s six councillors (approximately 30% of the total employee costs for the municipality).

• 23 – actual number of child trafficking cases South Africa has uncovered over the past three years. The Department of Home Affairs quoted a figure of 30 000 cases in justifying its strict new visa regulations for minors visiting South Africa. That was a lie. The measures could severely impact our tourism industry, with an estimated 21 000 jobs to be lost.

• $1 trillion – the economic damage a cyber attack on the US Eastern Seaboard would cause as 15 states and 93 million people would be plunged into darkness.

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