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Testosterone Therapy May Benefit Older Men

Men over age 65 may see improvements in sexual function and mood through testosterone replacement therapy, according to research published last month in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study, which involved 790 men, analyzed the efficacy of testosterone therapy in this age group using three separate trials designed to assess sexual function, physical function, and vitality. Men could participate in more than one trial, if appropriate. 

All of the participants had testosterone levels below 275 ng/dL. They were randomly assigned to receive either a testosterone gel or placebo gel to be applied daily.  Testosterone doses were adjusted if necessary to keep levels in a normal range. 

After one year, sexual activity increased across all groups, Men in the sexual function trial reported improved sexual desire and better erectile function. 

Men in the vitality trial had "small but significant" improvements in mood and depressive symptoms. 

The authors noted that further research on the risks of testosterone therapy is still needed, as this study was not large enough to address risk. 

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