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Transgender Women Satisfied with Neoclitoris, Study Says

Transgender women tend to be satisfied with their neoclitoris after male-to-female gender reassignment surgery (GRS), new research suggests. 

In a study published online last month by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 86% of trans women said they were satisfied with their GRS.

Creation of a neoclitoris is a standard part of male-to-female GRS. The new clitoris is usually formed from tissue from the glans penis. 

The study involved 22 transgender women between the ages of 23 and 63.  The average post-surgical follow-up period was 37 months.

The women answered questions about orgasms, pain, and satisfaction with GRS. Researchers also assessed the women's neo-clitoral tactile sensitivity by applying filaments to the skin. 

Eighty-six percent of the women said they had been able to reach orgasm. The same percentage said they were pain-free with the rest reporting minimal pain. 

Complications from surgery did not appear to affect clitoral sensation, the authors said. 

For more details on the study, please click here. 

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