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Community investment handbook launched for co-ops

Access and information on how co-operatives can raise capital has always been a hurdle for the growth of the sector. To help counter this, the BCCM has launched a new community investment handbook to introduce communities and existing co-operatives to methods of financing.

The handbook will give communities and
co-ops information to increase their financial literacy
and familiarity with co-operative financing methods under the Co-operatives National Law (CNL) and provide some guidance for communities wishing to start up co-operatives that are suited to community investment. The Handbook is available on Get Mutual.

Australia takes leading role at international summit for co-ops

Last month, the BCCM attended the International Summit of Cooperatives with the largest Australian delegation to travel to the bi-annual event since its inception in 2012.

Australia played a key role at the Summit with the BCCM participating in a pre-Summit discussion and a number of Australian delegates represented on numerous panels. Read a summary of the Summit activities here.

The power of the co-operative business model

In an opinion piece by The Hon. Dr. Andrew Leigh MP and Senator Chris Ketter on the power and role of co-operatives, the Labor policymakers discuss the role
co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) play in Australia and ask why they are not more prevalent.

Highlighting the work and innovative thinking of BCCM member, the National Health Co-op, Leigh and Ketter argue CMEs should be on the level playing field with other business models and call on the Senate inquiry recommendations to be implemented.

New capital investment fund launched for CMEs

At the International Summit of Cooperatives, Mutuo, the UK’s peak body for CMEs, launched a new capital investment fund for the sector.

The Mutual of Mutual and Cooperative Capital (MoMaCC) seeks to address the issue of capital raising in CMEs by facilitating businesses to cross-invest and raise capital for growth within an entity that they own.

Co-ops continue to remain resilient in uncertain economic times

The world’s largest 300 co-operatives and mutuals have grown their turnover by 7.2% to USD $2.53 trillion (2,533.1bn), according to the 2016 edition of the World Co-operative Monitor (WCM). The WCM is the International Co-operative Alliance's annual health check on the sector.

Three Australian co-ops and BCCM members are listed in the monitor: CBH Group (147), Murray Goulburn (188) and HCF (230). The database for this edition contains information on 2,370 co-ops from 63 countries. 

New co-op for people living with disabilities formed

A new co-operative has formed for people living with disabilities under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Supporting Independent Living Co-operative's (SILC) vision is to connect families with their communities, to create great homes and life experiences for their adult children living with disabilities.

Between now and 2018, the NDIS will support up to 460,000 people with disabilities across Australia. This will involve a considerable amount of change for those communities. SILC view the co-operative business model as a great option for families who want to be actively involved in the lives of their adult children and together with the support staff, creating happy homes and fulfilling lives. For further information, contact Jo Battersby, CEO, SILC (jobattersbysilc@gmail.com).

Watch how co-ops are already assisting people with disabilities.

Upcoming events

8-9 November 2016: BCCM Taste of Australia Industry Dinner and Leaders' Summit, Canberra

12 November 2016: Co-operatives and the Shared Economy Symposium
27-28 February 2017: C4CE Community Energy Congress

For all the latest news from the co-operative and mutual sector, please visit the BCCM website and for information on how to run and set up a co-operative, visit Get Mutual.