Issue 57 | 3 January 2018


Happy New Year from all at Drummond Central. We hope you had a fine festive time and wish you all the very best for a healthy and prosperous 2018.
While we've all been gorging ourselves, the world of social media has barely paused to pull a party popper, so let's have a look at what's been going on with this, the latest issue of Sociable Folktales.

Facebook   Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Anti-abuse rules enforced.
  • Stock hits an end-of-year high.
  • Instagram
  • New commenting feature.
Other Platforms
  • Apple acquires Shazam.
  • Brands can animate Snapchat filters.
  • Spotify hit with $1.6 billion lawsuit.
  Emerging Platforms and Tech
Social Media Items of Interest
  • Netflix helps out with a marriage proposal.
  • The most popular GIFs of 2017.
  • Order a burger with your face.
  • Samsung is first to try out Snapchat sponsored animated filters.
  • Poundland's elves raise a few eyebrows.
  • Twinings distances itself from Poundland post.
  • Twitter celebrates Star Wars with interactive billboards.
  • CNN cancels Snapchat news show.
  • TalkTalk's 'This is Christmas' ad.
  • Are these the best ads of 2017?
  • People take up the #KyloRenChallenge.
  • Apple apologises for slowing older iPhones.
  • Tech predictions for 2018.
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