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F1 in Schools and Autodesk

F1 in Schools helps change perceptions of Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by creating a fun and exciting learning environment.

In support of F1 in Schools Autodesk has released a full range of leaning deliverables specifically design to help students and teachers come up to speed CAD/CAM technologies and implement F1 in Schools much faster than ever before.  

Software is available for all competitors and educational institutions associated with F1 in Schools.

Student Expert Program
Connect with students & educators from around the world who are passionate about F1 in Schools.

Design challenge
Create CAD assemblies using Autodesk Fusion 360 and receive prizes in eligible countries.


Sites for F1 in Schools
Search through the countries listed to find out more about how your team can participate locally.

Earn a Badge
Check out the F1 in Schools trophy badge

Get started now
Check out videos and tutorials designed for F1 in Schools.


Free access to professional design software

Autodesk provides participants and academic institutions worldwide participating in F1 in Schools free access to the same professional software used by industry leaders today. Learning resources, competitions, and programs from Autodesk provide added value for you and your students. Give your team professional design software from Autodesk and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.

Participating schools

To request free software for your educational institution, sign in or create an account. Find out more.


Student participants can download individual products to use for F1 in Schools. Below are examples of the available software for the competition.


3D Design Tutorials

Design an F1 car for manufacture using Autodesk Inventor®, 3D CAD software that allows you to design and simulate a design before it’s made. There are a set of tutorials available which provide step by step instruction for designing a F1 car in context of the model block.

Design an F1 car for manufacture using Autodesk Fusion 360®, the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE cloud based software that works on both Mac and PC. These tutorials provide step by step instruction for designing a F1 car by sculpting from the model block.

CAM Manufacturing Tutorials

Apply the CAM toolpaths and send the NC-code generated to a CNC milling machine or router using Inventor HSM for manufacturing. A set of tutorials provide step by step instruction to prepare the model to cut, create the stock model, orient the model, pick the surfaces to cut, and generate the toolpaths.


Use Flow Design, a virtual wind tunnel, to visualize airflow around your F1 car to quickly gain insight on performance under a variety of conditions. Flow Design support various CAD files types making it easy to use. These tutorials take you through the process of loading your car into the software and analysing its aerodynamics.

Rendering Images

Learn how to quickly and easily transform your F1 car into photo-quality visuals using Showcase.


For more information and access to the training materials including videos.