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Bruce New

Lynne Adele explores the collage drawings of self-taught visionary artist, Bruce New. New employs his own consistent and complex visual language, conveying symbolic messages that are at once universal and extremely personal.

Martín Ramírez

Looking at the mixed-media works on paper of the Mexican-born self-taught artist, who has secured a place in the outsider art field’s canon of remarkable talents, Edward M. Gómez asks: Who was Martín Ramírez? What does his work mean?

John Devlin

John Devlin produced hundreds of images inspired by Cambridge architecture. His New Cambridge is a cityscape recreated on an artificial island in Minas Basin, Canada. Tony Thorne investigates these utopian visions of a heavenly city.

Art in Houston

Julie Thomson explains how beer, oranges and flowers led to monumental creations in Houston. Unique visions inspired by ordinary things led to the stunning Beer Can House, The Orange Show, the annual Art Car Parade and the Flower Man’s House.

Ian Ward

Cathy Ward navigates Ian Ward's dream machines. His car drawings express a desire for a life less ordinary, and his starships and dream mobiles signal a means to transport him out of his suburban life and beam him down to the new planet of 60s London.

Ellen Greene

Alicia Eler looks at Ellen Greene's powerful kid leather glove designs, birthed from the artist’s visions, old school tattoo flash turned feminine power symbols, countless pairs of women’s hand gloves and ‘Invisible Mother’ Victorian photos.

Stephanie Lucas

Roger Thompson explores the man-made natural realms of Stephanie Lucas, who calls her work ‘automatic drawing.’ She and her husband, who is also an artist, often paint side by side, with Lucas focusing on a fantastical, external natural world.

Plus obituaries and reviews of books and exhibitions

Including a review on walla.! weltallende, the most substantial docmentation of Walla's work to date, edited by Johann Feilacher and published by Galerie/Museum Gugging, Residenz Verlag.

Obituaries include Reverend H. D. Dennis (1916–2012) of Margaret's Grocery, Mississippi.

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