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Raw Vision 80 is now being printed

Cover article: Propet Isaiah Robertson in front of his incredible creation in Victoria Falls, USA.

In this fascinating issue...

Madge Gill

Roger Cardinal discusses the significance of the postcard drawings of mediumistic Londoner artist, Madge Gill, who channelled her spirit guide, Myrninerest.


Peter Gorsen presents the heretical bestiary of Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern, whose vibrant works portray a fabulous co-equality of man and animal.

Prophet Isaiah Robertson

Fred Scruton introduces the elaborate visionary environment of Prophet Isaiah Robertson, who claims that his carpenter-hands are being used as tools of God to inform the world about his prophecies of Armageddon.

John Gilmour

Mary Margaret Johnston-Miller and James David Miller discuss the watercolours of patient John Gilmour from the early years of the Twentieth century at the Crichton Royal Institute in Scotland.

Liz Parkinson

Terrence Relph looks at the arresting works of internationally recognised, self-taught Australian artist, Liz Parkinson, who was a forerunner in the antipodean world of outsider art.

Chuck Rosenak

James Arient interviews Chuck Rosenak about the folk art journey he and his wife Jan made through the USA, and his thoughts on the future of the genre.

Chaz Waldren

Marc Steene introduces the religion-infused work of Chaz Waldren, whose work first surfaced as part of the Outside In programme for artists outside the mainstream at Pallant House Gallery in the UK.

Plus plenty of Raw Reviews

Exhibition reviews include Human, Soul & Machine: The Coming Singularity! at the American Visionary Art Museum; Singular Spaces: from the Eccentric to the Extraordinary in Spanish Art Environments at The Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery; and Raw Vision: 25 Years at Halle Saint Pierre.

Book reviews include Josef Hofer by Elisabeth Telsnig and Franz Murauer; Jon Serl: The Mutability of Being by Jo Farb Hernandez, Randall Morris & Cara Zimmerman; and Folk Art: The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 23, edited by Carol Crown and Cheryl Rivers.

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