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Issue 20   | March 13, 2019

"Hashgacha Pratit," Divine Intervention Themed Shabbaton Inspires Students

By Aliza Genauer, Judaic Studies Teacher


Recently, the students of Derech Emunah had the opportunity to spend a special Shabbat together at a school-wide Shabbaton, here in Seward Park.with teacher Mrs. Chaya Tendler, in attendance. Mrs. Tendler had the opportunity to speak with her students face to face and was able to introduce them to her adorable baby who joined her for Shabbat.  


The theme of the Shabbaton was "Hashgacha Pratit," Divine Intervention.  Students genuinely enjoyed and appreciated this theme very much. One student commented that “After this Shabbaton, I feel closer to Hashem and see Him more in my life. For this, I am extremely grateful to the Shabbaton committee and to the speakers who inspired me."


Shabbaton highlights include delicious meals hosted by the Cohens and Wegodskys. The chili provided at the Mexican themed meal was a huge treat and much appreciated.


Our "Seudot Shabbat" (Sabbath meals) nourished both body and soul, as students gave Divrei Torah at each meal. Another highlight was the emotional "Hashgacha Pratit" stories shared by Mrs. Rachelly Maimon and Mrs. Penina Malka Harris.


The Shabbaton concluded with an exciting scavenger hunt on Saturday night at Target capping off a wonderful Shabbat weekend. 


Thank you to all the hard-workers who made this Shabbaton possible!


Upcoming Dates and Events

Derech Emunah high school girls need your help to gather props for the play.

Can you donate or lend us any of the following?


lightweight cot/bed
two nightstands
lightweight bookshelf
fake plants (can be trees, bushes, flowers)


We also need to borrow:

2 -3 outdoor lounge chairs
3 matching round tablecloths


Please call the school office and let them know what you have available. 206-402-6621



March 20th

Fast of Esther - Early Dismissal


March 21st

Purim - No School


March 22nd
Shushan Purim - No School


March 27th 
A Musical Production


by Derech Emunah Students

Show starts at 7 pm

Doors open at 6:30 pm



"The Real Deal" is a heart-warming story about a young female lawyer who, by a turn of events, uncovers her Jewish identity and discovers the beauty of a Jewish home. This modern-day theatrical performance is a study in character balance and a comical telling of one woman’s journey to self-discovery. Performed by the talented students of Derech Emunah, this touching tale is not something you’ll want to miss.


April 3rd

Parent Teacher Conferences


April 16-28

Passover Break- No School





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